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Perfect Husband Tuesday 21st December 2021:Payal is preparing. She grins reviewing the last time when she was preparing for her wedding with Pushkar. She thinks about her face change. Everything is occurring at a high speed. I feel as though I have : my life back. She goes to Kanha ji to keep Pushkar under control from her satisfaction.Pushkar goes into in the house in the mask of a worker. I’m here Vidhita!

Kabeer comes to meet Payal. I was thinking to make out for the old levy before we start another connection. You vowed to pay me for every one of the costs that I have spent on you for your treatment. However, i don’t need cash. He inclines nearer for a kiss however she drives him away. He tells her he is hers now. Assuming you like nothing that I do or say, essentially approach me and tell me. I will change myself. She embraces him.

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You have substantiated yourself to me some time in the past. You have each quality that I generally needed in my significant other. Interestingly, you are my closest companion. He grins.
Auditor gets some information about Constable Singh. One person says he may have gotten late. They see Pushkar actually dozing. He doesn’t respond when they shout to him. Investigator requests that constable open the cell.Meera and Max trade rings.

Perfect Husband Tuesday 21st December 2021:Constables are staggered to see Constable Singh lying dead in Pushkar’s cell. They eliminate their covers.Kabeer and Payal likewise trade rings. Rajshri gets call from Inspector all of a sudden who illuminates her that Pushkar has gotten away from the jail. Lights go off all at once. When lights come on, Payal is missing. Rajshri tells Kabeer it is Pushkar’s doing. She tells him everything. They hear Payal’s shout and turn. Pushkar focuses weapon at Payal’s head. Kabeer makes a stride toward him yet Pushkar cautions him against it. Payal hits Pushkar yet he winds up hitting her on her head. Kabeer attempts again and is shot on his hand. Everybody gets worried for him yet he lets them know he is fine. Payal and Pushkar have vanished by then, at that point. Reviewer enters all of a sudden and illuminates them that Pushkar should be inside as it were. We are coming from outside and he wasn’t there. They begin glimpsing inside the house.Pushkar takes Payal in a room.Kabeer inquires as to whether he isn’t outside or inside the house.

Pushkar drops the firearm seeing Payal oblivious and moves some furniture nearer to the way to keep everybody outside. Payal wakes up and sees the weapon lying on the floor.Rajshri comes to her room and takes her firearm.

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Pushkar turns exactly when Payal was going to pick the firearm. They battle for the firearm. She lets him know she wont win this time however he tells her he has a negative propensity of winning. A projectile is terminated at the rooftop.

Rajshri leaves her room with the firearm.

Pushkar figures out how to win from Payal and points the firearm at her. He has a go at shooting her yet there are no shots. She runs toward another path.Rajshri heads higher up. She stops at a window yet can’t open it. She picks a show piece stayed close.

Pushkar tells Payal not to escape from death any longer. I will kill you even more pitilessly assuming that you will put in to run more effort. She answers that she isn’t that frightened Vidhita any longer who will get terrified of him. I’m a changed lady, I am Payal now! He grapples with her as she holds a major stick and has a go at assaulting him. He drives her away. Changing your face wont change anything. You are bound to bite the dust by my hands as it were!

Pushkar is going to hit Payal when Rajshri cautions him to stop. He turns and observes his mother pointing a firearm at him. Pushkar inquires as to whether she will shoot her own child. She answers that he has killed numerous blameless individuals since she was dazed by her nurturing love. My hands wont shake today assuming that I need to shoot you! She requests that Payal come towards her yet Pushkar keeps the stick pointed at her. He tells his mom these words don’t exactly measure up for her. I realize my mom can never shoot me. She won’t recognize him as her child. You are a fallen angel at this moment. He says I just thought about your satisfaction my whole life. How might I be a fallen angel then, at that point? I transformed into a fallen angel for you in particular. Father left you, left us. What was my or Meera’s issue? I had concluded then itself that I wont let this spread in my family. I concluded I will make my family an ideal family and wont let anybody trespass my standards. Vidhi disrupted my guidelines and my family.Rangeela and others attempt to open the entryway.

Pushkar says this young lady dint give me my ideal family. Rajshri invalidates him. It was alright to leave her assuming that you were unable to gel with her. There was no good reason for killing her. It is I who is an offender here who couldn’t perceive her child is a fallen angel! Rangeela and Kabeer have a go at breaking the entryway.

Perfect Husband Tuesday 21st December 2021:Pushkar inquires as to whether she is leaving him for Payal today. She says this is the thing that society has been doing work date yet today a mother is supporting a lady. Devils should like you bite the dust so the ladies can live calmly. Pushkar is as yet specific his mother wont shoot him of all time. Vidhi is my prey. Indeed, even you wont have the option to save her from me today! Rajshri reviews every one of the minutes enjoyed with him and gets enthusiastic. Pushkar lifts the stick to hurt Payal when Rajshri shoots him. Pushkar tumbles down. Rajshri drops the weapon and yells Pushkar’s name. She keeps his head in her lap. Everybody figures out how to come higher up at this point. Rajshri is in tears. Pushkar tells his mom he adored her the most. Kindly don’t abhor me. I was unable to turn into your great child yet I love you. He inhales his last. Rajshri weeps hysterically.After a month: A diya is lit before Pushkar’s photograph.Kabeer and Payal trade rings within the sight of everybody. They look for Rajshri’s gifts. Rajshri embraces them.

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