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Perfect Husband Tuesday 23rd November 2021: The episode starts with Meera talking to Max. Vidhi came to him and said Pushkar got ready to talk to Mother. Max Thank you and say you are the best, I know you will help us. Vidhi asked him not to take the wrong step. He asked him not to worry. Meera hug Vidhi and thank you. Pushkar is in his room. Vidhi saw the decoration happening. Meera said the pushkar agreed to stop involvement, then why this decoration happened. Rajshri asked where Pushkar was his involvement. Vidhi said he would be in his room. Rajshri said I would go and check it out. Pushkar gets a headache. Rajshri came to him.

He said Vidhi wasn’t worried for you. He said leaving him, let’s talk about Meera. He got dizzy. Vidhi requested Damini about the side effects of drugs. Damini says yes, sleep can be higher, people can lose some memory too, this happens with the pushkar. Meera came to her and asked why Pushkar didn’t stop Shagun. Vidhi said the mother had gone to meet Pushkar, maybe they talked about this. Rajshri came there. He scolded Vidhi not looking after a good pushkar.

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Vidhi said I went to the market. Rajshri says you have to look after your husband’s first, go and make breakfast for him. Smile Pushkar. Badri saw Vidhi with medicine. Vidhi said IMP to give medicines to pushkar. He asked him to leave. He thanked him. Vidhi goes and gives candy to pushkar. He asked what happened, we talked yesterday. He asks if this is how things are taste, what you add in it. He shouted at him and held his neck. He shouted I would kill you. Rajshri stopped pushkar. He said he didn’t know what he added in my food, I was feeling sleepy all day.

Perfect Husband Tuesday 23rd November 2021: Vidhi said no, I didn’t add anything. Rajshri asks if you add something. Vidhi said no. Pushkar confronts him. He showed drugs to them. Vidhi imagination ends. Pushkar asked Vidhi to tell him again. Vidhi thinks he doesn’t remember. Vidhi said Meera … Charu said the bride’s family would come. Rajshri asked Vidhi to make Meera ready.

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Perfect Husband Tuesday 23rd November 2021: Charu, Maasa and Bela took a narcissistic photo and smiled. Meera cries. Vidhi said I would go and talk to them, don’t worry. Meera message Max and asked him to forget it, they couldn’t get married, he was Shagun today. Max called Meera and asked him to come near the window. He said you here. He said this was the last choice, lets go. Vidhi sees Pushkar. He got Meera’s message she married to Max. He would be surprised and walked upstairs to stop Meera. Meera is gone. Vidhi came to his room and got surprised.

This Harish mother scolded Rajshri and a relations break. Pushkar blamed Vidhi. He got chili for him.


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