Perfect Husband Wednesday 1st December 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Wednesday 1st December 2021:The episode begins with Pushkar act well ahead of Meera and Rajshri and meeting them before leaving. Vidhi holding hands Kabeer and said he would kill me. He asked who would kill you. The doctor calms her down. Kabeer think that has been trying to kill you.

Rajshri say you have chosen a difficult path but it is imp for you. He gets a call and be surprised. He asked what had happened. He said the inspector says he found Vidhi. He will be surprised. They went into the woods and saw the bodies. They cry for Vidhi. Rajshri ask the inspector how he could be sure that this Vidhi bodies. Pushkar hug. Kabeer got anklet Vidhi and say I do not know where else.

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Perfect Husband Wednesday 1st December 2021:Rajshri and Pushkar identify anklet Vidhi and cried for him. Pushkar recalls making plans with Rangeela to show Vidhi’s death. he arranges the bodies to put in place this Vidhi. Kabeer praising nurses to save Vidhi. He said I did not see anyone leave the marriage and sit here for bizarre. Kabeer said I did not do great things, I hope Vidhi can tell me about him so I could tell her family. Rajshri and Pushkar do Vidhi’s final ritual. Everyone thinks of Vidhi and shouts..

Rajshri says I can not take care of him. Everyone was crying. Ashwin remember the words of this Vidhi. He said it was my fault. Pushkar said Vidhi left us and crying.
Ashwin said that our relationship with this family ends. He asked Maasa to come. Pushkar say do not do this, the memories and the relationship is still alive Vidhi. Ashwin looked at him.

Nivedita see this Vidhi pic and crying about it. Kabeer came to Vidhi and say I think the name for you, Payal, since I anklet you. He tells her about the stingrays. He says you have to enter the hero in my life and saved my freedom, I’m not sitting here to be saved from the wedding, I’m curious about you, I promised that if I find someone with whom you are safe, I will hand you over to him. He introduces himself as Kabeer Behl.

Perfect Husband Wednesday 1st December 2021:Dr Bose come and examine the case file this Vidhi. He said the case is very important, it is not possible to fix an old face, we have one option left, plastic surgery. Kabeer asked for we can not do this by taking permission. He says we can not wait for him to gain awareness. She agreed with him and ask him to prepare for surgery.

Pushkar said Vidhi leave me, I will go. He shocks Rajshri with attempted suicide.

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