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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Wednesday 24th November 2021:The episode began with Harish and his parents came. They shouted Rajshri, Pushkar and everyone. Harish gets meera and max. Pushkar was surprised. Vidhi sees Pushkar. Everyone looks surprised. Harish’s mother and father told them that they had seen Meera with the man, asked him to know the truth. Meera cries. Rajshri said you were in your room, how did you go down, who this person, said the truth. Meera says sorry, this is the truth, I want to tell you and can’t say.

Rajshri was surprised. He cried and apologized to the guests. The Harish family broke the Alliance and left. Max said sorry, we didn’t want to hide our relationship this way. Pushkar was angry and asked him to be silent. He scolded him and asked him to leave. Max leaves. Pushkar said I wanted to slap you today, my mother was insulted because of you, people came and slandered us. Meera cries and says sorry, I don’t want to hurt anyone.

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Perfect Husband Wednesday 24th November 2021: Pushkar said not today, if you feel sorry, go and tell you, if the mother’s pain is getting smaller, I will forgive you. He asked Vidhi to take Meera. He rushed out of the house. He left the car and went to hit max. Vidhi walks to stop the pushkar. Pushkar reached close and stopped the car. Vidhi sees. He got max in his car. Vidhi home. Rajshri scold meera. Vidhi enters. Meera said I was afraid, I wanted to talk to you, I tried to talk to Pushkar, so I told Vidhi, Vidhi said he would talk to you.

Rajshri asked Vidhi whether you know this. Vidhi says yes. Rajshri said you did not find it would tell me. Vidhi said I tried to tell me, but couldn’t say. Pushkar shouted Meera. He said nothing would happen again, there would be no defaming. Vidhi asks what you are doing with Max, I have seen it take up to his car. Pushkar said really, you have seen me, you feel you will make a mistake with him, you have such confidence in me, you want to know what I’m doing, alright. He called Max and his father inside.

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Rajshri asks what this is all. Pushkar said he was Max’s father. The man said I was Jai. Pushkar said we all found happiness Meera, just with Max. Meera’s smile. Vidhi was surprised. Pushkar said they really loved each other, we had to talk to them once.

Jai said I regret that you have to face all this, Max told me about Meera, they love each other, we can talk whenever you feel comfortable. Rajshri agreed. Max smiled and left. Vidhi sees Pushkar. Meera thank you and a hug of the Pushkar. Pushkar asks if you are happy. Meera’s smile.

Perfect Husband Wednesday 24th November 2021: Rajshri scolded Vidhi for blaming the pushkar. He defended the Pushkar. He praised his son. He requested a reason for hostility with the Pushkar. He came and said Sorry Mom, don’t misunderstand Vidhi, I went to Max angrily to talk to him. He justifies Vidhi. Vidhi looked at him.

Pushkar got dinner for Vidhi. He said I would get this for you. He said no problem, you have managed the whole family, I can do this for you. He thanked him. He was surprised to see green chili. He asked what happened, you know mom feels bad today when someone insults our family. He asked him to have chili.

Pushkar squeezed Vidhi about Meera and made him eat chili. He cries.

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