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Perfect Husband Wednesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Wednesday 9th December 2021:The episode began with Matron coming to apologize to Vidhi. Vidhi defends Kabeer. Matron fooled him and said the past you have returned, you will be happy to know this, I have found your husband. Vidhi was surprised. He asks if you tell Kabeer. Matron said forget about Kabeer, your husband Nitin Rana was here. Nitin comes. Matron lies in Vidhi and signs nitin. Kabeer came to meet the Ibum Pari. He will scold from him. He got candy for him and convinced him. Pari smiles.

Perfect Husband Wednesday 9th December 2021: Pushkar said who can send this video to me, who can be there at that time, Rangeela did this, I had to see it. Meera called Pushkar to come. He said I had to save a normal and smiling expression. Badri remembers Vidhi. Rajshri asked Badri whether he spied on the Pushkar. He said there was something you know, you can’t say, your eyes say, just say something.

He said if you respect me, then tell me what the truth is. Badri wrote notes and gave him. He read about the torment of the Pushkar in Vidhi. Rajshri read the letter and was surprised. He read more crimes Pushkar and cried shocked. Nitin lies in Vidhi and asks him to come with him. Vidhi said no, I would not believe you, what the proof was that I was your wife.

Perfect Husband Wednesday 9th December 2021: Nitin says I know you will ask me this question, how can I forget you Urmi, we are married since three years. He showed false evidence. Vidhi said I didn’t remember anything. He showed his consofine to him, joined me now. Matron said you have a family, this is a miracle. Vidhi is confused. Matron asked him to marry Nitin once again if he didn’t remember it. Nitin and Matron tried hard to convince Vidhi. Vidhi felt why he wasn’t happy and why he felt very strange.


Perfect Husband Tuesday 8th December 2021: The episode starts with Pari scolding Kabeer. Kabeer said I had done all this for humanity, payal and my path differently. He apologized to Pari and Matron. He said that Pari will be responsible, I will never come here. He apologized to Vidhi and said I would never meet you again. Pari asks Matron to forgive him. Matron says you will not come until I call you. Kabeer agreed and went to convince Pari. Rajshri met inspectors and said I didn’t think Vidhi was attacked by some animals in the woods, I also went there. Inspector said this incident occurred 12 years ago with several men. Rajshri said there were many differences in Jodhpur now, is there such a case again. Inspector said no, I understand your doubts. Rajshri said Vidhi’s death had some secrets, which was hidden from us. Vidhi remembers Kabeer and Smiles. He said this mirror would be my friend and this room would be my family.

Nitin said we would get married first. Rajshri got a pushkar phone. Nitin said I had bought you in 5 lakh.


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