Pihu’s Carbon Copy, Shona Makes Her Entrance – Can You See Me on Zee World

Pihu's Carbon Copy, Shona Makes Her Entrance - Can You See Me on Zee World
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Can You See Me on Zee World: Zee world’s initial early evening fiction offering might you at any point see me, has been getting crowd consideration with its charming storyline and unexpected developments. While a focused energy dramatization has been unfurling between the show’s miscreants Mohini and Bobby, it has made ready for the section of another person, Shona.

Through Shona, Mohini and Bobby intend to assume control over the house from the lead couple Anandita and Vikram (who will letter get hitched). The storyline takes an intriguing turn when Shona ends up being Pihu’s carbon copy prompting a legendary dramatization between the amicable apparition and her doppelganger! As a general rule Shona is a road kid who has persistent vices and will utilize her face to obliterate Pihu’s character by taking and slighting Eventually, Pihu and Shona will actually want to see and converse with one another.

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Entertainer Arshiya Mukherjee, who will likewise be seen assuming the part of Pihu’s clone Shona, believes herself to honestly love Bollywood entertainer Varun Dhawan. At the point when this youthful entertainer originally caught wind of Pihu’s clone’s entrance, she was incredibly invigorated at the chance to assume a twofold part interestingly. As a matter of fact, Arshiya has been planning for this new job by taking motivation from her #1 entertainer Varun Dhawan. What’s more, to accomplish this, the youthful wonder has been marathon watching the entertainer’s new blockbuster Judwaa 2.

As Arshiya watched her #1 entertainer’s work on-screen, she gave close consideration to how the entertainer drew out the better places of separation between his two characters via quirks, tone, non-verbal communication and dressing style, causing crowds to recognize the two characters at a glance.Speaking about this subsequent job, Arshiya Mukherjee said,

Will Shona assist Mohini and Bobby with prevailing in their arrangement of holding onto control of the house from Anandita… Read more


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