Reasons Why Students Fail Jamb CBT Exams In Nigeria

JAMB Mop-up Exam Date 2022
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Reasons Why Students Fail Jamb CBT Exams In Nigeria.

Jamb CBT is not just like any other external exams like WAEC, NECO, GCE, and NABTEB. It is a computer-based test that determines whether a student is going to enter into any institution. It is a very important examination that takes a student after passing WAEC and NECO that he or she is going to go to a university, polytechnic.

It is very is unfortunate that Nigeria has recorded a lot of failure in this exam. Considering the 2021 massive exam failure.

This blog post is going to share with you Reasons Why Students Fail Jamb CBT Exams In Nigeria.

First, what is the full meaning of C. B .T in Jamb?

It means Computer Based test.

How does this exam operate?

According to what the meaning implies it is a computer-based test which means that the exam is written with the computer, very technical objective questions are easy to pass as well as easy to fail.

This is to say if you don’t take time when you answering the question you might click the wrong answer of what you know very well.

The main reason people who engage people still fail their jamb CBT exams is highlighted in four major headings.


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Computer illiteracy.

Low IQ.

Lack of adequate jamb preparation

Computer illiteracy:           

Illiteracy means a state whereby a person lacks the basic knowledge of something essential and basic for you to know.

Computer illiteracy:

a state of not having the basic knowledge to operate a computer system. , most people in Nigeria are computer illiterate if they are so-called people who have graduated from the university claiming to have studied computer science.

All proposed computer scientist is very that most of them still lacks the basic ethics involved in a using a computer system.

This I know is not literally their fault alone

The educational standard of the country paid a major to this.

In a situation where the student is being taught outdated programs such as COBOL.

Most students lack practical knowledge become a guru in the computer world entails you having a good practical knowledge of something.

Our society, in general, is turning into a global and it is becoming necessary for every student to gain at least a little knowledge of how to operate a computer system.

Jamb students should engage themselves in good CBT training before even thinking of registering for the exams to avoid wasting their parent’s money by messing up scoring very low Jamb after observing the steps on  How to score 300 and above in a jamb.

During my own time, the training helped me a lot this is one of the reasons am going to share how jamb CBT training can help a student to pass the jamb CBT exam in Nigeria.

For you, as a student, you’ve registered for a jamb.

Do not feel relaxed the deal is not to register for jamb CBT the deal is to pass the exam and you cannot do this with

It improves flexibility in the exam hall:

The exam really made me very flexible I can be able to flip through my system just by making use of my mouse. Before making use of the computer, the mouse was a very difficult thing for me to do but after the training, I found out I was able to use the mouse to move my cursor to and fro the computer window.

It was amazing for me it worked for me.

Out knowing how to make use of the computer-based test to answer more especially if you haven’t learned how to use the computer mouse very well. Even the keyboard is also effective in the exam.

It made me feel relaxed while I was answering the questions:

Most times people failed the jamb exams not because they are not intelligent but because they were not relaxed, they were not convinced that they can answer the questions within the given time.

It made me answers all questions fast:

It made to click my questions very fast and I answered all the questions in the CBT exam, it was because a learned the program very well this was one of the reasons I was able to score above 300 in the 2018 CBT examinations.

Low IQ:

It is indeed the general problem that is one of the Causes Of Jamb Mass Failure 2021 – 11 Possible Reasons.

Jamb questions are very easy to answer but very technical easy to fail as well.

That you want to hit the mark in jamb is not by reading alone but you have to develop a very high intelligent quotient, even if you don’t have before it is paramount that you develop it.

Because this will help you, this is one of the reasons why most students say that scoring high in a jamb is by luck.

But I tell no luck in Jamb.

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It is simply because most people don’t know the secret of success.

May I let you know that nothing happens by surprise if you go into the exam hall and answer your questions like you are playing the game?

Check your result when is out you will be crying.

Do not let yourself be deceived that you can pass jamb by luck.

Improve your IQ, it involves you improving your reading abilities as well as the way you study.

Go for the acquisition of general knowledge not focusing on the way you are been taught.

Because your teacher might have thought you another thing but the CBT exam will be set in Jambs on way.


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