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Siblings On Adom tv full story Summary Cast, & Episodes

Siblings On Adom tv full story Summary Cast & Episodes
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Five siblings acquire a major fortune from their dad Farid, then the ill-conceived girl Mira makes an appearance to assume control over the fortune in light of a video where her dad passes on the biggest portion of his abundance to her. The occasions go on with clashes and plots shaking the family home. Adom

While Nour is commending his commitment to Maria among his siblings, a young lady called Mira shows up, guaranteeing that she is their sister. She shows them a video of their dad Farid Nouh, letting them know that she has the greatest portion of the legacy.

Nour attempted to haggle with Mira however she declines. Maria requests that he draw nearer to Mira to prevail upon her. Sara goes behind her significant other Karam’s back with Amir.

Siblings On Adom tv full story Summary Cast & Episodes: Sara lets Masa know that she is taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Amir. Hany figures out that Fady is drawn to Maria. Masa’s dad won’t allow his girl to wed Hany.

Maria conceals her past relationship with Fady. It’s uncovered that Masa’s mom engaged in extramarital relations with Farid Nouh which is the reason her dad went against her union with Hany. Amir is the dad of Sara’s child Zain, not Karam.

Mira attempts to draw near to her siblings however they deny. Riad draws nearer to Faten. Masa advises Sara that she wants to come clean with Karam. Amir chooses to affirm everything that Sara said to him about Zain.


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