Solutions To Cultism In Nigeria

10 Reasons Why Students Join Cultism
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Cultism simply means the act of joining cult group.
There are a lot of questions that people ask about cultism they have much been neglected in the society below, Solutions to cultism in Nigeria
Why do students join secret cults groups in Nigeria?
Who is a cultist?
effect of cultism?

Solutions to cultism in Nigeria:


family has a major role to play to discipline their children; the solution to cultism in Nigeria is majorly based on inculcating self discipline into the youths of the nation which the family has a vital role to play in doing that , children and youth should be taught good morals and conduct in the society .

they should be taught by their parents the ethics of living a disciplined life I strongly believe that if children are taught to live a disciplined life the will turn out to become nuisance and cognizant in the society. Majority of the cultist Nigeria has produced have a very irresponsible upbringing , the act of living a Godly and just life was not inculcated in them some their parent were very rich but they use money any how , the become the co- sponsors of all cult activities.

Discipline is the major key to eradicate cultism from the Nigerian schools and society at large ,and the major

Campaign against cultism:

One of solutions to cultism in Nigeria , is running a very serious campaign against cult activities in Nigeria ,their operations should be bound totally as it has been don years ago , and the government should be very careful to execute judgment to offenders and cultist.

The point of these campaigns should be specifically highlighted and implemented everywhere in Nigeria for example, no more cultism in Nigeria,
Shut down all cult activities,
All cult members should be arrested,
Laws must be created against cultism.
Anyone caught practicing cultism should be punished,
Government should carefully execute offenders, because it is an effective SolutionsTo Cultism In Nigeria, This campaign program should be done in all communication channels in Nigeria,

Televisions, radio, school orientation , programs, social media etc.

Increased government employment standard:y
The alarming problem of unemployment has been the major pioneer of cultism in Nigeria because an idle mind is the devils workshop the rate of unemployment in this country have turned our youths into touts because move around nothing to do it results to engagement into dubious activities, and graduates into forming cult groups to protect their own interest against others .

I strongly believe that if jobs are created their will not be time for a person who is working to start thinking of how to join cult group to what use is it to a carrier student.

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Eradication of cult signs and practices:

Children should be stopped completely stopped from performing cult signs and practices because the more it is practice the more they develop the love to belong to a cult group.

Disciplined political system:
The political system of the country should be disciplined they should stop patronizing this high profile cultist using them as thugs during elections to carry out their dirty games.
This is a very serious problem with the Nigerian politicians running a very corrupt system.

Making of laws against cultism:
Laws should be mad against cultism if there are no laws individuals will simply do anything they want to do , and the government should carefully execute this laws against its offenders as enshrined in the constitution of the state, because failure to do so this laws made will be neglected by individuals.
Penalty and punishments should be implemented against its offenders as Solutions to cultism in Nigeria:

Improved security system:
The Nigerian security system has failed its citizens the citizens are no longer protected
The fear of the unknown has made life unstable for the citizens of the country, the cultist now days are no longer afraid of the security personnel’s they have grown even stronger than the security, even carry better weapons such as gun and bombs more the security personnel’s why then should they be afraid of them while a group of individuals who are cultist can terrorize a whole village.

Cultism has caused a lot of havoc to the society and its problem has reached a juncture it should be eradicated finally from Nigeria and if this solutions are implemented I strongly believe that cultism will be stopped in Nigeria .

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Causes of cultism in Nigerian:
Urge to belong,
Bad governance,
Poor orientation and education,
Effects of cultism in Nigeria:
Blood shade,


Cultism has brought no benefit to Nigeria as a country it has been recorded that since 1989 it was formed by professor wole Soyinka it brought a lot havocs to the society such as death, social instability, insecurity,
Violence, blood shade etc.




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