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Strange Love Friday 12th November 2021 Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Friday 12th November 2021:The Episode starts with Astha thinking to tell Shlok about Indrajeet. He comes to her and says he is going for imp work. He asks her to keep smiling. Niranjan prays to get the tender. Anjali says Lord will listen to your prayers. Varad says we will go to Bhonsle’s office.

Niranjan says it will not look good if we go like this, call him and check is he free. Varad calls Bhonsle and gives phone to Niranjan. Niranjan asks him about the decision, and Bhonsle refuses saying he has checked the papers, and he does not want to become the guarantor. Niranjan is shocked.

Niranjan assures him that he will not fall in any problem. Bhonsle ends the call. Varad asks what happened. Niranjan says Bhonsle refused, we will not have the tender now. He says we will not have it now,

how ever we try, our name is bad in market and no one wants to help us, how to get money in final min, there is no hope. Varad says we will request in tender office to give us some time. Niranjan says there is nothing like that in business. Anjali and Varad insists. Niranjan prays and leaves.
Ankush says finally I got my property back, I will go and recover all the money, and we can party every day. He enjoys with his friends and says I was fed up of the Pravachan staying there and I felt I will become a saint too.

Strange Love Friday 12th November 2021:Mala comes there and asks him whats happening. She scolds him and asks why did she call her. He says he is happy and she starts scolding him. She says I forgot, and gets angry. He says he called her to explain her about Kalindi. Mala scolds him for not seeing anyone’s sufferings and calls him selfish, that he can’t think good of anyone.

She tells about Astha facing problems and her inlaws losing tender, and Kalindi helping them. He says he does not want to think. She taunts him and says if you can’t understand your mum, what will you understand me, I hate you a lot. She leaves. Ankush is shocked. He says don’t know what she thinks, I know Kalindi has sent her. Shlok asks Astha to have tea, he will not let her go till her mood becomes good. Maine khudko tujhme……………plays…………….. He looks at her and smiles. He kisses her hand and they have an eyelock. Bekhudi…………….plays……………….he holds her and she rests on his shoulder. Ahilya comes calling for Ballu and says maybe he is in his room. Astha says she wishes her life goes on in his arms and even death comes in his arms. He says no need to nonsense. Ahilya calls out Ballu.

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They hear her and get tensed. Ahilya comes in and sees Shlok sitting alone. She says its summer days starting, and not good vegs are being found nearby, you go to good supermarket and get it. Astha hides under the bed. Ahilya asks why is he not getting up. He says I have nerve sprain and she goes. He brings Astha out. Astha says thank Lord she is gone, and teases Shlok for being scared. She says don’t say anything, go to market and meet Varad. She thanks him for making her mood fine and leaves. Shantanu asks Mishti what happened, why is she not talking.

Mishti says why did Holi end so soon, the colors are still there. He says everything has to end, as next best thing comes after it. They talk about having fun with Ballu. Shlok comes and says even he had fun. Mishti says this Holi was best as he is their best friend, who was with them in Holi.

Shantanu says Papa played Holi after many years, I m glad seeing him. Mishti says yes, he played with Sapna, he made her his best friend. He asks them to have milk and study, he is going for work, till he comes back, their work should be done. He thinks he has to get POA soon, he can’t bear Indrajeet and seeing him with Astha, I wish Baba gets tender , I need to go to him, he will need me.

Astha says she has to go for some work. Indrajeet says he will drop her and Astha refuses. Ahilya says he is also going same way and asks Sapna to go. Poornima looks on. Rashmi fills her ears. Ahilya gets a call and she gets busy.

Niranjan comes home and is sad. Anjali asks what happened. He says nothing, its just some time to submit funds and we don’t have money. Shlok comes and hears him.

Strange Love Friday 12th November 2021:He says we can’t lose and have to think something. Niranjan says we don’t have any way now. Shlok says I will not let you lose, I will talk to my friends, maybe they will help us, its just 2 hours and anything can happen. Anjali says no need to do anything, we will have many chances in life.

Shlok says don’t worry, I will do something. Niranjan says you did many tries before, leave everything on Lord when we can’t do anything.

Indrajeet drops Astha and says it’s hot outside. She says I m not grown up in such luxury and comforts, please stop caring for me.


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