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Strange Love Friday 17th December 2021 On Starlife
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Strange Love Friday 24th December 2021:The Episode begins with Indrajeet saying he adores Astha and needs to wed her by all customs. Kalindi says this can’t occur, she is hitched. He asks what marriage, which has caused you to lose her and never brought her joy, Astha has simply agony and tears with Shlok, daily routine has a mean to experience cheerfully, which she didn’t get with Shlok. He says Astha was forever discontent with Shlok. He requests that she see Astha being content with the children. Kalindi cries seeing her. He says trust me, I will bring her all the joy, she has seen sufficient torment with Shlok, for what reason ruled grab Astha’s memory, possibly so Shlok and Astha doesn’t remain together.

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He says she got another life later mishap, she has right to be content, Shlok has given her every one of the extravagances, however I will give her right to

joy, you are her mum and know the best for her, assuming you feel it will be great to come clean with her, I will tell her and send her with you, kindly don’t cry, you are Astha’s mum and mum figure for me as well, I can see you are furious on Shlok. Shlok holds up outside.
He says he needs to remain with Astha, you can find in my eyes, I won’t break your trust, for me Astha is everything. He says specialist said Astha’s BP is high, assuming she meets you, she will get thinking, so I demand you not to meet her, I will get her to you she gets ordinary, I love her a great deal and will forever keep her glad. He takes her gifts and requests a single possibility, he won’t let her lament.

Strange Love Friday 24th December 2021:Surbhi converses with Sojal and gets some information about Shlok. Sojal says he came clean with Kalindi how Indrajeet tricked Astha and everything. Surbhi says that is extraordinary, what did she say. Sojal says Shlok took her to Indrajeet’s home. Surbhi says I trust Astha recollects everything seeing her mum. Sojal says even I need this. Kalindi comes to Shlok and says you will think that I’m childish, yet my girl is content with Indrajeet.

He says he can’t completely accept that this, Astha lost her memory and Indrajeet is utilizing this. Kalindi says bappa gave her new life by causing her to lose memory. Shlok says you can see her cheerful so needs her to remain there, I called you to help me, fine when terrible opportunity arrives, everybody leave support, I guarantee to show you I m great or Indrajeet, I will get Astha, our connection won’t end, I needn’t bother with anybody, I will oversee everything alone. She leaves. Indrajeet come and holds Shlok.

Astha gathers her pack and says she wishes to go out, and gets some information about Indrajeet. Apsara says she has seen him going towards the door. Astha says she got late, perhaps he is bringing the vehicle out. Indrajeet asks is Shlok furious, he can get this, what was his take, Kalindi will incline toward you, did he wish to tell his reality to her and make him away from Astha. Shlok says his attempts is falling flat, yet I will get my Astha one day. Indrajeet says he simply expresses incredible things. Shlok says it will occur, you will see.

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Indrajeet says Astha’s mum has acknowledged me as her better half, and presently I will wed Astha by all ceremonies, first I clarified my children, then, at that point, Astha and presently her mum. Astha strolls towards the entryway. Shlok and Indrajeet contend. Indrajeet sees Astha coming and requests that Shlok leave. Shlok says this won’t change reality, Astha was mine and will forever be mine. He leaves. Indrajeet takes Astha with him.

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Shlok strolls out and about and reviews Kalindi’s words. He wishes Astha recalls everything. Ankush says Kalindi isn’t accepting call and Ajju stresses. He says I will view as her Indrajeet lets Astha know that he has dropped the gathering. He asks is she not glad. She says no, I m simply inquiring. He says I thought to help you in marriage plans and holds her. Apsara looks on. Astha says children’s outcome will come, I trust they get great imprints. Indrajeet says I m sure of it. The children come and say they started things out. She says I m so glad for you and embraces them. He asks the children what do they need. They request that he take them on vacation. He says sure, however later our marriage. Astha says she will give Prasad in sanctuary for this. He says don’t realize Lord exists or not. She says she has conviction. He says pandit ji will be coming tomorrow.

Strange Love Friday 24th December 2021:Sojal says she is certain Astha will come in the wake of meeting Kalindi. Shlok returns home and says Astha won’t come. She asks what is he saying, Kalindi went there with you then, at that point? He says she feels Astha is more joyful there with Indrajeet and needs her to be with him. She says no, Indrajeet can’t cherish her more than you. Rekha asks him not to get dismal. Sojal says I had numerous assumptions from Kalindi, this is your test. He says I don’t see any expectation. Days are passing and I m not ready to do anything, I feel she will be mine one day and I attempt with this expectation, I can’t lose. Chowksi says extraordinary.Its morning, Kalindi lets Ajju and Ankush know that she has seen Astha. Ajju asks where. Kalindi tells them everything. Aju says we likewise lament to lose her, you show the aggravation and we don’t, as we need to really focus on you, however I won’t uphold you in this, how could you figure Astha will be content with Indrajeet, Astha wedded Shlok and loves him, Indrajeet is tricking her, she is with him as her memory is lost, when she recalls everything, she will race to Shlok, not you, their affection didn’t end by numerous issues, you did this off-base, you will understand this very soon.

Astha meets Shlok in sanctuary and asks how could he come. He says he has some exceptional explanation. She slips on the sloppy layered edge and he holds her. They have an eyelock.

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