Strange Love Friday 31st December 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange Love Friday 17th December 2021 On Starlife
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Strange Love Friday 31st December 2021:The Episode begins with Renuka not getting link. She calls Sid and says link isn’t comingg, give me his number. Sid says he is occupied in work and finishes call. Jyoti sees Renuka becoming stressed as she will miss her fav sequential. Renuka says I won’t remain here, my child isn’t paying attention to me. Jyoti says she acts like children now and then. Shlok and Astha are coming. She asks where is he taking her. He says you question like young ladies, wouldn’t you be able to accompany me without asking anything. She says I can and grins. He figures he can’t communicate its exceptionally unique minutes for me. She figures the reason why does she get glad being with Shlok, for what reason does she believe she has encountered this previously, whatever it is, I ought not think and experience this second. Sajna ve stomach muscle raaste dikhaade tu… … … ..plays… … polic ALSO:Strange Love Thursday 30th December 2021 Starlife Updated

Indrajeet comes to the policee headquarters and Manya meets him. Indrajeet says he believes he has seen him. Manya says don’t say this to get the fine less. Indrajeet says he is prepared to pay the fine. Manya says they ought to get an example. The monitor requests that they settle it by taking the fine. Manya says fine. Indrajeet gets going in the customs. Astha inquires as to for what reason did we come here, you said we will purchase present. He says you began asking once more, I m hungry, I figured we will eat something. She says I like panipuri a ton and he requests that she have it. She says its exceptionally delectable. He figures nobody can know your preferences better than me.

She requests that he move her hair strands falling all over. He does and she expresses profound gratitude. Jyoti calls the specialist and he fixes the TV. She expresses profound gratitude, they get bore without television and causes Renuka to hear it. Renuka says you are ridiculing me, that I missed my sequential. Jyoti grins and leaves. Renuka gets happy to see her sequential’s rehash. Indrajeet returns home and gets down on Barkha. Apsara brings the children. Shlok sends voice message that Astha is with me. Aspara grins taking a gander at Indrajeet’s displeasure. Shlok requests that he track down them assuming he can. Indrajeet says he will track down her before 12 Apsara says its Astha’s birthday and Shlok will celebrate with her.

Astha causes Shlok to have the panipuri. Shlok pays the man. Astha says allows to go to purchase present. He asks whats the rush, I didn’t hijack you, I will drop you back. She says I m not apprehensive, recall that I know judo karate. They leave. Mahiya simple mahiya… … … … ..plays… … … … . Renuka gets migraine and says this is a result of Jyoti, she could do without me and I need to accomplish basically everything even in the wake of getting a bahu, she doesn’t give tea to me. She says for what reason am I aggravated on me, my head is hurting and I m furious on her. Jyoti gets happy and thinks to make her connection fine with Renuka. She requests that she apply ointment. Renuka rejects and Jyoti applies the ointment to her. Renuka says better.

Strange Love Friday 31st December 2021:Jyoti gets some information about her marriage and Renuka tells about her school time, she was extremely lovely in her young days. Jyoti says she is delightful even today, Sid comes and grins seeing them holding. Renuka and Jyoti triumph when it’s all said and done. Sid asks whats the matter, sunned ascend in the west. Renuka doesn’t says anything, Jyoti does this to show you, he thinks his mum is terrible. She leaves. Jyoti says she was attempting to win Renuka’s heart, for what reason did he ask her. Sid says all will be great and embraces her.

Indrajeet says where did Shlok take Astha and searches for her. Astha says time elapsed unexpectedly early, you didn’t buy present till now. Shlok says we will have tea and leave. She concurs. He requests that she sit and gives tea to her. He wishes her glad birthday from heart, and makes her cut the biscuits. He takes her pics to catch the occasions. He gives her the gift. She asks is this my gift. She opens it and says its extremely delightful. She asks will I wear and show. She wears the hoops and asks how would I look. He says extremely lovely. She expresses profound gratitude, I enjoyed it, says thanks to I lived it up, I will go at this point. She leaves. He says I said it, I will praise my better half’s birthday. He sends the video to Indrajeet and Indrajeet becomes irate.

Astha gets back home and asks Kamla did Indrajeet come from police headquarters. Apsara says long time back. Astha gets some information about him and children. Apsara says kids are in room. Astha stresses for his response. Apsara gives the milk to children and says Astha has come, their father will be coming. She requests that they rest. Sojal calls her and says thanks to Apsara for continually illuminating Shlok, that is the reason Shlok can observe Astha’s birthday. Apsara says they have consistently helped us, how might we move back if its our chance to help. She closes call and says I think Indrajeet came.

Strange Love Friday 31st December 2021:Indrajeet asks Astha for what reason did she go out, when he requested that she rest at home, he stresses for her, she must watch out. She says unwind, for what reason are you blowing up, I went out in outside air for at some point. He says I realize Shlok came there by some coincidence, I m seeing you give significance to him. She says he was not there, whats the issue assuming he comes, I like to invest energy with him, I got a companion later numerous months, I stay content with him.

Astha hears the children saying about Ballu, for what reason does Papa say that Ballu isn’t great. She asks what are they talking.


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