Strange Love Friday 8th October 2021-Starlife Update

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Friday 8th October 2021-Starlife Update The episode starts with Matron telling Anjali about a family doctor who sees you and tells Niranjan. Anjali said I didn’t think of this and tell my name too. Renuka saw a new saree and burned it. He called Riya and scolded him asking how he burned an expensive saree. Riya said I didn’t burn it, Jyoti burned it. Renuka said he was jealous so he burned it, he didn’t do this well. Riya said just leave it.

Renuka said no, expensive saree, I’ll see it. Rekha asked Astha to stop crying. Everything will be fine. Shlok came and he hugged him crying. He asked him to stop crying. He said we would make police possessions. Chowki stopped it. Shlok said whatever happened was fine, I didn’t care.

Chowki tells them about his friend who used to run this food truck, and did not want to have injustice, he worked well and when Raghu asked Hafta, he refused and was beaten.

Strange Love Friday 8th October 2021-Starlife Update He told them how Raghu had tortured the man. He said then Raghu used to take his daily income and my friend had closed the food truck and went far from us, I didn’t say this before because I didn’t want to make you angry, Raghu was in prison and I thought there would be no problem, but if you Do as my friend, then it will be a problem. He asked them to give Rs 100 rather than giving all their income. He asked them to rest. Shlok takes that. Chowki prayed for them.

Anjali hid when the doctor came to treat his mother. He asked where Anjali was, he called me. The old woman said I Anjali Agnihotri, I called you. He thought he called, but the sound was like Anjali. Matron tells about Ibum Anjali, who fell and hurt. He checked his legs. He gave recipes and instructions. He said it would cost Rs 1,000. Matron asked the cost. He said, don’t worry, Niranjan will give it. He goes.

Anjali came out. His father said he had no money to get medicines, what we would do now. Anjali said don’t worry, I will do something.

Renuka scolded Jyoti for burning expensive Saree Riya. Riya nodded in Jyoti. Jyoti remained silent and blamed him because Renuka became very angry with him. He asked him to stay away from all things related to Riya’s marriage. Matron said we would contribute together and give money. He said happiness increased when shared and sadness got less when distributed.

Anjali and his father are grateful. Anjali hugged Matron and a smile. Asta and Shlok rest and talk. He said we would close this food truck, we would do a simple job. He asked why he ran now, I’m with you, nothing will happen, don’t push the things Hafta Vasoololi. He said I was against him before, but I supported you, I would support you forever, relax, don’t worry. They sleep.

The next morning, Sachin gave bats to Shlok. Shlok asks what I have to do. Sachin said the Sachin bat, when you have it, go and beat the thug. SHLOK smiles. Sachin says you look hero, go and fail criminals, I don’t know what your scorers are with Asta, but if anyone troubled astha, I got Sdgr. Apsara smiled at a bond of Shlok with Sachin. Shlok goes. Sachin tells you that the Shlok is good, he will go and beat thugs. He goes. Apsara says good machines like Shlok, when we relate then we will be together, I, Shlok and Sachin.

He imagined Asta worked as a waiter and Shlok and Apsara became a partner and romance in front of Asta. Sachin joins them and they look like a happy family.

Strange Love Friday 8th October 2021-Starlife Update Astha was upset about seeing them. Shlok made a dinner plan with Apsara. Shlok saw Asta and said giving money to my first wife, she would have Vada Pau. Apsara said alright. Shlok Dawa and Apsara Waves Bye. Shanta shook her and she came from the imaginary world. Shanta asked her to change and make tea for her. Apsara thinks.

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