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Strange Love Monday 15th November 2021

Strange love December teasers
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Strange Love Monday 15th November 2021 Zee World:


previoulsy on Strange Love November 2021: the Episode starts with Ankush and Mala coming home and talking to Kalindi and everyone. Avdhoot gets a call and comes to know Niranjan got the guarantee and also the tender. They are glad for Niranjan and think who gave the guarantee. Anjali and Sojal come. Anjali says Ankush gave the guarantee, we lost the game because of him, thanks to him.

She says Niranjan told me to thank you and congratulate. Kalindi asks Ankush and Mala to stand at the door, and gets aarti plate. She does their aarti and tilak. She says he brought her to be bahu home in right sense for the first time. They miss Shlok and Astha. Anjali says we got everything back because of your help. Kalindi says its Bappa’s blessings.

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Astha and Shlok have a talk. He says he has a surprise, he wants to celebrate with her as he is happy to get the tender. She says it means you are asking me for a date, I have much work. He says she has to come, let her boss go anywhere. She hugs him and cries recalling Indrajeet’s love confession. He asks why is she worried, he is seeing her since morning. She says its happiness tears, as we got the tender. Indrajeet looks for her and she goes out. Shlok says what happened to Astha.

Indrajeet asks Sapna where was she. She says she was getting some files. He asks why was she crying. She says something went in my eye, and asks can I stay here if meeting is not imp. He says it fine, but come for dinner meeting, I don’t want to take risk with Niranjan.

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Rashmi hears them. Shlok calls Niranjan and says I m happy that we got the tender, and asks who gave the guarantee. Niranjan says Astha’s brother Ankush, he reached in time like Lord, he has also accepted Kalindi as his mum. Shlok says Astha will be happy knowing this.

Rashmi talks to Poornima and puts water on Sapna’s all clothes. Poornima asks what is she doing. Rashmi says all her dreams will go by this. Poornima guards at door and says maybe someone is coming. Rashmi puts back clothes in cupboard. They leave. Astha says she does not want to go with Indrajeet and is shocked seeing her clothes wet and dirty, and says what will I wear now. She says I will meet Ahilya and wear any saree of hers.

Rashmi comes to ask her why is she sad. Astha says don’t know, who did this, my clothes got spoiled, I m getting late for meeting, I will go and ask Ahilya. Rashmi gives her a saree and asks her to wear it. Astha thanks her. Rashmi thinks Indrajeet bought it by much wish for Barkha, he will get angry seeing her in this saree, no one can save Astha from his anger now.

At the café, Indrajeet says client can come anytime, where is Sapna. Astha comes there in a black and golden saree. Indrajeet is stunned seeing her. Indrajeet hugs her and Astha pushes him asking what is he doing, how dare he touch her. He says I m sorry, I saw Barkha is in front of me, so I hugged you.

She scolds him saying he is not doing right. Everyone look on. He asks her to relax, and says you wore Barkha’s saree, I felt its Barkha, sorry. She says I m your PA, I don’t care what you feel, I will object if you try to come close to me, I will not bear this. She cries and leaves. She takes an auto and leaves while he asks her to stop.

She recalls few moments and cries. Shlok is done with all arrangements and waits for Astha. He recalls their sw


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