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Strange Love Monday 27th December 2021:The Episode begins with Shlok requesting that Astha go along to meet somebody who misses Astha a great deal. She concurs as he has helped her a ton. Avdhoot hangs tight for Astha and Shlok. FB shows Shlok saying thanks to Avdhoot for meeting him. He is sorry. Avdhoot says I m sorry for Kalindi’s doings, she isn’t awful on a fundamental level, she adores Astha a great deal. Shlok says I realize Aai well and no mum will jump at the chance to see youngster despondent. He says I won’t lose and will attempt to get Astha till my final gasp. Avdhoot says Bappa will uphold you. Shlok says I will carry Astha to meet you, you be cautious that she is Barkha, not your girl Astha. Avdhoot concurs. FB finishes and Avdhoot figures Shlok will stay faithful to his commitment, he makes certain of this.He sees the chocolates and reviews Astha. Shantanu and Mishti have a discussion.

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She requests that he conceal Barkha’s pic else father will take this. He says OK, I will conceal this in cabinet, father won’t get this. They miss Barkha and she requests that he keep it in cabinet, they can see it consistently and say her great night as well. He says fine, father ought not have the foggiest idea about this. Indrajeet hangs tight for Astha and says for what reason did Barkha not come till now, for what reason did she go when I asked her not to go, for what reason is her telephone off, don’t have the foggiest idea what to do.
He comes to the children and Shantanu drops the pic. Indrajeet sees Barkha’s pic and picks it. He says you both miss your mum right. Shantanu says Sapna will turn into our mum later marriage, would we be able to enlighten her regarding our genuine mum, she is extremely great and will get this. He says truly, it doesn’t occur as we might suspect or plan, its great that they are wishing to impart this to Sapna, yet how might she feel, Barkha left us and assuming Sapna goes leaving us perpetually, she cherishes you both as her youngsters like your Barkha mum, so I wedding her, when I wed her, she will be with us until the end of time. He asks what would they like to do, will they not tell her. Shantanu says OK, I guarantee I won’t say. Indrajeet says I m so glad and embraces them.

Strange Love Monday 27th December 2021:Shlok carries Astha to meet Avdhoot. Avdhoot is stunned seeing her and gets enthusiastic. Shlok says he is Astha’s father. Avdhoot cries reviewing her youth. He guaranteed her that he won’t ever leave her. She welcomes him. Avdhoot embraces her and grins. Astha says Baba… . He gets happy and Shlok looks on staggered. She asks would i be able to call you Baba, I lament that your girl is lost. Avdhoot gets dismal. Shlok says I let you know Baba that she is Barkha. Avdhoot says OK, and favors her as Barkha. He gives her toffees saying my girl preferred this a ton. She leaves with Shlok. Avdhoot says Astha you didn’t recollect me and met me as an outsider, Shlok will be dependably with you.

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Indrajeet is anxious and asks Apsara does she know Devi sanctuary. She says no. He says once I wed Astha, she will be mine absolutely and she will figure out how to be content with him and his children. Shlok comes to Avdhoot and embraces him. Avdhoot says thanks to him for making him meet Astha, he is extremely cheerful. Shlok says it implies a great deal that you upheld me. Avdhoot says I m pleased to say Astha can’t improve soul mate than you, I m perceiving the amount you love her.

He says he will win and favors her. Shlok says OK, I won’t allow Indrajeet to grab Astha from me. Astha returns home and Indrajeet requests that she stop. Apsara looks on. She inquires as to for what reason is he furious. He asks how could she arrive so behind schedule he has consistently told her that she won’t go alone, for what reason did she go sanctuary alone, similar to I have confined you, I m attempting to keep you cheerful and satisfy each wish, you couldn’t care less. She inquires as to for what reason is he blowing up, she esteems him, she went to sanctuary and she can’t leave her dedication, how can he converse with her, will I really want authorization to say where will I go and why. He says its notions to go for any mannat.

Strange Love Monday 27th December 2021:She says its regarding her morals and she won’t hush up, his response is making her powerless to imagine that Shlok comprehends her well than him. He becomes irate. She says he has helped me in satisfying my mannat, he upheld me. He seethe. Avdhoot lets Shlok know that assuming he really wants him, he will come and help, Shlok demonstrated that he is correct, thank. He says I will attempt that Kalindi knows Indrajeet’s reality, be careful, I will leave now. Indrajeet holds Astha and says so therefore you arrived so behind schedule she was with Shlok, for what reason did she take Shlok along assuming she went to satisfy mannat for youngsters. She says its stinging me, leave me. He leaves her and says I m sorry, if it’s not too much trouble, excuse me, when you take Shlok’s name, I become irate, I let you know he isn’t great, I stress for you, apologies. She goes to her room. He blows up on Shlok.

Indrajeet admonishes Shlok for meeting Barkha and cautions him to be away. Shlok says Astha is my significant other, its her birthday in two days and provokes him to commend her birthday.


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