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Strange Love Monday 29th November 2021:The episode starts with Asta thinking to clean up indrajeet doubts and tell him to store papers at the bank because there will be no tension.

Shlok see. Indrajeet thinks if he is wrong, he will not be told to save a paper safely and apologize in the name of Ahilya. He said it was fine, I didn’t feel bad. Shlok asks children to go to the room and study. Indrajet and Astha leaves see Shlok. Shlok asks what he does.

Asta said she was cleaning up their doubts. Mala waited for Ankush. He was drunk and said his friends caught him asking for a party. He defeated him. He said I was joking, I wasn’t drunk and showed a necklace. He smiled. He raised it in his arms and they were getting closer.

In the morning, Indrajeet thought he would keep Poa in the bank and there would be nothing to worry about,

Niranjan won’t get it. Gon called him and said Anjali alone on the market took vegetables. Indrajeet asked him to do his work and be careful. Asta asked the ballu to go market and get vegan.

Strange Love Monday 29th November 2021:Poornima said he did not need it and the ballu would not get vegan. Asta said I was ma and I couldn’t leave. Poornima argues to stop the ballu. Kavita asked the ballu to get puja goods from the market. Shlok goes.

Kalindi asked Mala. Why did he get up early. Ajju said you were just married, work could be done throughout life. Mala said she was their daughter and her house, she would be as usual. Avdhoot likes breakfast and jokes because he doesn’t make the food perfect before marriage. Kalindi said don’t tease her. He said alright, where’s your son, he didn’t come. Ankush joined them and said he would meet his friends.

Kalindi asked her to spend time with Mala. Ankush said I had a lifetime, we were married and will be together, I didn’t meet my friends, I could get bored if I spent extra time. He goes. Mala is sad.

Ajju asked him not to be sad, Ankush would come back and I would cut his hair, then let’s see how he left. Mala smiled. Kalindi says getting ready, the woman’s neighbors will come for MU Didai.

Anjali buys vegan and goons see it. Shlok saw Anjali and stopped there. Goon kidnapped Anjali and he shouted for help. Shlok was stunned to see kidnapping and ran to him. Leaders fled. Anjali hugged Shlok and he asked if he was fine, who they were.

People say generally, they seize chains and mangalsutra, this happened yesterday too. Shlok rebuked them for not helping him. He said he would drop Anjali. He told him how he got Poa and lost, but he would get it soon. He said I trusted you.

Gon calls Indrajeet and said work was not done, they failed. Indrajeet scolded him. Goon said a man came there and saved him. Indrajeet said watching him 24 hours and I wanted it at any cost. Goon said OK. Women praise Kalindi and Mala.

They mocked him because he was there before marriage and he would know their ritual well, he was not a stranger. They asked about acting mala and he was with Ankush as a fake wife just because it needed money, and asked him.

Ajju said we also heard about your daughter, who ran with a driver, and lived with him for four days and returned, and Prabha your husband is rumored to be having an affair in his office, is this true.

Kalindi says we call you to bless Mala, but we feel bad, because this is the ruins of other people’s homes. The women went and Ajju laughed.

Strange Love Monday 29th November 2021:Mala was sad and left. Niranjan waits for Anjali and a smile to see it. He thought he couldn’t worry him to say about thugs. He said Shlok said he knew about Poa and he would get it soon. He is GL.

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