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Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Monday 4th October 2021-This episode starts With Sachin plays cricket with his friends. He saw a food truck and shouted happily. Apsara was stunned to see Asta bring back the food truck. Rekha mocked apsara and hugged Asta. He said you could start a food truck business again.

Chowki helps them. Shlok breaks coconut. Apsara thinks what happened, whatever I planned, Asta failed me, I had to be careful, otherwise, I would not respect Chawl, I had to do something I could not fail again.

Niranjan saw the pic Shlok and apologized to him because he didn’t become a good father for him, but Shlok proved to be a good child, back. I will never give you a reason to complain again. Varad came there and saw Niranjan with a photo of Shlok. He gave the file he wanted to see once.

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Niranjan asked if there was a problem in Office Varad said no. Niranjan checks files. Varad thinks sora baba, you see a file that doesn’t have any changes so you won’t mind anything, these files are made by Shlok that you have seen before, and you won’t remember now, you can remember Shlok everything means So that I can give my name to the business you make because everyone will only see Varad Agnihotri, no one else.

Niranjan said he remembered the proposition made by Shlok, and even Astha helped him, and he was happy he did a Shlok project.

Varad said yes, I won’t let the Hard work Shlok go in vain, you have all the details of this project, then I think you should focus on your health. Niranjan said thank you, but this project was close to my heart and I wanted to attend the meeting.

He said I thought I didn’t need to come, Shlok had made a good presentation, I would be at home. Varad said as you like. He goes. Rekha serves food for chowki and praises him for getting back food trucks for Asta.

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He said no, Asta did magic. Rekha said Apsara had done all this, he had a complaint against food trucks, we must say this to Astha and Shlok. Chowki said no, they would fight, forget it, apsara could never change. He reminded how he spoiled the Pappu birthday party, both Aptsara and Shanta were angry.

Strange Love Monday 4th October 2021- Ajju talked to Kalindi and said he was thinking about something. Kalindi asks what he thinks about Ankush. Ajju said he was thinking about it, I thought you were right, maybe he changed, he passed all the tests. Kalindi said I thought he changed certainly.

Ajju said we had to tell Asta that he had a good brother Ankush. Kalindi said yes, I also thought about this. Asta worked in a food stall and did not take money from Kaka, asking for blessings. The man blessed Aastha and Shlok and left.

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Shlok says let’s go home now. He said yes, even I was very tired today. Sachin came and showed a food truck to aunt. Aunt said she came to the Sachin party and liked the food. He said his son’s birthday and gave ASTHA orders by tasting food. He gave Rs 5000 as a down payment and leaves. Asta began to dream about many orders and Shlok asked her not to dream and go home now.

Sojal gives coffee to Varad. He said everything was controlled when Baba refused to come to a meeting. He said but he will come on another day. He said yes until when handling it would change, and he would be helpless to let me work my way.

SStrange Love Monday 4th October 2021-ojal asks how will be Shlok, Asta and Anjali. He said they made my own decision, we couldn’t do anything. The next morning, Niranjan saw a recording of TV interviews about him and Shlok. Niranjan and Shlok answered the same thing. Niranjan said Shlok would give the answer. Shlok said every time Baba gave me a project to handle, I did it myself and I keep all Baba’s points told me and put it in it.

Niranjan stopped Varad and sorry for calling hard, I will come for a meeting. Varad was surprised. Niranjan said me

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