Strange Love November Teasers 2021

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love NovemberTeasers 2021

Monday 1 November 2021

Episode 442

Strange Love  November Teasers 2021:Shantanu reveals to Astha theat Balwankar saved Mishty from an accident and apologises to Balwankar for his mistake. Varad decides to mortgage his house to get the tender sanctioned. Ahilya reappoints Balwankar as Shantanu and Mishty’s caretaker. Poornima vows to cast Balwankar out of the house.

Episode 443

On Niranjan and Varad’s insistence, Anjali signs the tender documents. Indrajeet informs Ahilya about Niranjan being found. Ahilya asks him to ruin Niranjan’s life. Shlok asks Varad to befriend Mousami’s husband to learn about the power of attorney papers.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Episode 444

Shlok plans to search for the power of attorney papers and suggests Ahilya to get the pest control done. Later, Sapna informs Indrajeet that they need to vacate the house for pest control. Astha chalks out a plan to get hold of the documents. Ahilya vows to ruin Niranjan’s life.

Episode 445

Avadhoot assures Niranjan of helping him to purchase the land. Meanwhile, Astha fails to find the power of attorney papers. Later, Ahilya burns the paper cuttings about Niranjan, collected by Indrajeet. Varad tricks Mousami’s husband and befriends him. Sapna apologises to Indrajeet for her mistake.

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Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 446

Shlok is busy preparing a presentation for Niranjan so that he can bag the prestigious tender. Indrajeet is the rival contender for the tender. Sapna (Astha), Shlok’s wife, is Indrajeet’s secretary. She gets his details. Indrajeet tries to transfer Niranjan’s property.

Episode 447

Balwankar confronts Poornima for misbehaving with Shantu. Meanwhile, Indrajeet introduces himself to Avadhoot. Shlok informs Niranjan about the presentation. Later, Avadhoot informs Indrajeet that he has broken his relationship with the Agnihotris. Mousami’s husband informs her about Mr. Patil.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 448

Mala decides to leave the house, if Ankur accepts Kalindi as his mother. Meanwhile, Balwankar apologises to Ahilya for his mistake. Astha and Shlok plan to find out the tender amount. Shlok sneaks into Indrajeet’s study to know the tender amount quoted by him.

Episode 449

Indrajeet is shattered as Niranjan wins the tender. Niranjan vows to ruin Indrajeet’s life. Later, Varad informs Anjali that they have got the tender and the land for their business. Meanwhile, Ahilya blames Indrajeet for not taking the tender seriously.

Friday 5 November 2021

Episode 450

Mala is happy learning about Niranjan bagging the tender. Niranjan informs Astha about needing the money for their business. Upon finding a minor difference between Indrajeet and Niranjan’s quotation, Ahilya suspects Balwankar and Sapna to have deceived them. She decides to keep an eye on them.

Episode 451

Ankush informs Mala about Kalindi and Avadhoot selling their jewellery to help the Agnihotris. Meanwhile, Ahilya tells Indrajeet that she suspects Balwankar and Sapna. Indrajeet apologises to Sapna on behalf of Poornima. He injures himself as he falls off the steps.


Saturday 6 November 2021

Episode 452

Mousami informs her husband Pradeep that she has seen Indrajeet and Sapna together. She tries to provoke Poornima against Sapna. Later, Poornima decides to cast Sapna out of the house. Mousami and Pradeep are happy to see their plan work against Sapna.

Episode 453

Indrajeet, Shantanu and Mishty wish Sapna on her birthday. Shlok thanks Apsara for her help. Meanwhile, Avadhoot informs Kalindi about Niranjan failing to find a guarantor for his loan. Indrajeet assures Shantanu and Mishty of organising a surprise party for Sapna.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Episode 454

Mousami informs Poornima about Indrajeet, Shantanu and Mishty organising a surprise birthday party for Sapna. Later, Sapna is surprised as the Sarkars celebrate her birthday. On Shantanu and Mishty’s insistence, Sapna dances with Indrajeet, who gifts her a watch!

Episode 455

Indrajeet confronts Poornima for insulting Sapna. Pradeep and Mousami provoke Poornima against Sapna. Later, Shlok wishes Astha on her birthday. Sapna is delighted as Indrajeet reopens the temple in the house on her insistence.

Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 456

Mala casts Ankush out of her house. Meanwhile, Balwankar confronts Shantu for insulting Sapna. Niranjan is delighted as Mr. Bhosale agrees to become the guarantor of their project. Later, Indrajeet informs Mr. Bhosale of his plan against Niranjan. Kalindi slaps Ankush for insulting Astha.

Episode 457

Kalindi casts Ankush out of the house. Poornima informs Ahilya about Indrajeet’s extra attention towards Sapna. Shlok assures Anjali that she will perform the puja in Ahilya’s house on the Holi festival. Ahilya confronts Kavita for following the Agnihotri customs.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 458

Ahilya insists that Kavita perform the Holika puja in the house. Mousami and Pradeep provoke Poornima against Sapna. Later, Anjali secretly performs the Holika puja in the Ahilya House. The Sarkars are shattered, seeing the same. Ahilya is angry after reading Anjali’s note.

Episode 459

The Sarkars celebrate Holi and Niranjan wishes the family. Ahilya confronts Shantu for insisting that everybody have thandai. Will Ahilya be able to learn about Shlok and Astha’s identity?.

Wednesday 10 November 2021
Episode 460

Indrajeet professes his love to Sapna under the influence of thandai. Poornima asks Sapna to stay away from Indrajeet. Sapna confronts Poornima for her misbehaviour. Later, Indrajeet refuses to get remarried. He apologises to Sapna for his mistake.

Episode 461

Niranjan is shattered when Mr Bhosale refuses to be his guarantor. Meanwhile, Mala confronts Ankush for his behaviour towards Kalindi. Shlok and Astha spend some romantic moments together. Shlok is worried learning about Mr Bhosale’s refusal.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 462

Indrajeet assures Ahilya that Niranjan will lose the tender. Meanwhile, Ankush is dejected reading his father’s letter. The manager informs Niranjan that his guarantor has completed the formalities. Astha is delighted learning that Niranjan has got the tender back. Ankush apologises to Kalindi.

Episode 463

Anjali informs Kalindi that Ankush has become the guarantor for their tender. Meanwhile, Mousami plans to cast Sapna out of the house and gives her the sari that Indrajeet had bought for Barkha. Sapna is livid with Indrajeet for his lewd behaviour.

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 464

Shlok informs Astha about Ankush being the guarantor of their tender. Astha and Shlok spend some romantic moments together. Niranjan apologises to Anjali for his misbehaviour. Kalindi and Avadhoot decide to get Ankush married to Mala. Indrajeet tells Poornima that he likes Sapna.

Episode 465

Astha informs Varad about sending him a mail regarding the scheme of Indrajeet’s new institute. Indrajeet apologises to Sapna for his mistake. Poornima informs Mousami that Indrajeet has professed his love to Sapna. Poornima decides to ruin Sapna’s image in front of Indrajeet.

Saturday 13 November 2021

Episode 466

Ahilya gifts a dress to Sapna. Meanwhile, the Agnihotris perform a puja in the house. Poornima asks Mousami to ruin Sapna’s dress but, Mousami spoils Poornima’s dress by mistake. Meanwhile, Avadhoot informs Niranjan about Ankush’s proposed marriage.

Episode 467

Indrajeet apologises to Balwankar for his misbehaviour. Meanwhile, Niranjan tries to calm Anjali. An upset Poornima confronts Mousami for blaming Balwankar for her mistake. Kavita introduces herself to Anjali. Meanwhile, Ahilya tells Indrajeet that she will try to make Sapna marry him.

Sunday 14 November 2021

Episode 468

Riya confronts Renuka for being rude and to Jyoti and Renuka apologises to Jyoti. Meanwhile, Avadhoot assures Niranjan of helping him with his project. Niranjan thanks Avadhoot for his support. Astha apologises to Shlok for her mistake. She asks Shlok to stay away from Poornima.

Episode 469

Poornima snaps at Astha when she pretends to criticise Shlok. Ahilya invites Sapna to the dinner table. She decides to send Sapna to Kolhapur with Indrajeet. Meanwhile, Poornima thinks she is falling for Shlok. Astha thinks of ways to escape from Ahilya’s plan.

Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 470

Poornima tells her friends about her being infatuated with Balwankar. Varad delivers a new sari to Astha on Gudi Padwa. Shlok and Astha avoid getting caught while celebrating Gudi Padwa. Shantanu and Mishty, along with Balwankar, accompany Sapna and Indrajeet to Kolhapur.

Episode 471

Strange Love November Teasers 2021:The Agnihotris celebrate Gudi Padwa. Meanwhile, Indrajeet, Shantanu, Mishty, Sapna and Balwankar leave for Kolhapur. Riya apologizes to Jyoti on Renuka’s behalf. Ahilya is shattered seeing Anjali’s letter!

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