Strange Love Saturday 13th November 2021 Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 13th November 2021:The Episode starts with Indrajeet and Astha are in the car. Astha tells him that her hostel came. Indrajeet stops the car at the hostel. Astha is about to step out of car. Indrajeet tells her that he will wait for her and asks how you will go? Astha says I will go with my friend. She has a scooty. Indrajeet says it is hot weather outside.

Astha gets angry and says she is not accustomed to lavish life and can manage simple living. She gets out of car. Indrajeet doesn’t feel good and leaves in his car. Astha turns and sees him gone. She starts walking. Ankush comes on his bike. Astha asks how come you are here? Ankush smiles and drives off. Astha thinks she has to leave else it will be a problem if anyone sees her there.

Indrajeet gets a call and he is happy knowing

Niranjan didn’t get any guarantor till now. He smiles and calls Ahilya asking her to make arrangements for Party. He tells that Niranjan didn’t get any guarantor. Ahilya is happy. Indrajeet says they will get the tender. Ahilya says our victory lies in Niranjan’s loss.

Ankush comes to a place and thinks Kalindi must be feeling bad that she didn’t get anything. He says I can’t trust you that’s why I took property papers, money and everything from my father’s locker. He checks the papers and gets happy. He gets a letter left by his father for him. “It reads, his mother is a very good woman, she did everything for his happiness, but he snatched her happiness and hurt her. I hurt insulted her and made her feel low. When you was born, I separated her from you. I told her that her son is born dead. I thought it as a chance to throw her out of house. She didn’t know until now that she has a son. She would have died, but not had separated from you. He asks him to take care of Kalindi.

He says you might be shocked knowing about my black truth. You might be thinking why I hate her so much. She was very good woman and I was a man with bad habits. Your dada made me marry her thinking she will get me on the right path. He asks him to go back to Kalindi as she really yearn for love”. Ankush gets shocked and emotional after hearing the letter.

Anjali asks everyone to have food. Shlok refuses. Niranjan says he is also not hungry. Niranjan’s mobile ring. The manager asks him to come and he needs to talk about tender. Niranjan informs everyone. Shlok says he will accompany him. Niranjan says no, and says Indrajeet may come there. Astha says her heart is saying that they will get the tender. Niranjan says if everything happens according to our thinking, then nothing is left.

Strange Love Saturday 13th November 2021:Ankush comes to Mala’s house. Mala opens the door and asks why did you come here? Ankush hugs her and apologizes for hurting her before. He asks for her help. Mala pushes him and asks what? Ankush tells that Kalindi was always right and his father was wrong. Mala doesn’t believe him and says it might be your new act. Ankush asks her to look in his eyes and says he is not understanding how to face her. He says I need your help to accept my Aayi. I will call her Aayi from heart.

I did wrong with her. He holds her heart and asks him to unite her with Aayi. Mala says I am nothing for you, then with which right I shall take you there. Ankush says with my Aayi’s bahu and my would be wife’s right. Mala gets teary eyed and hugs him. Ankush promises to make everything fine.

Ahilya talks on phone and gives invitation for party to her well wishers. Rashmi asks the reason for the party. Shlok and Astha come there. Ahilya says we will get the lost tender in few mins.

Astha and Shlok are shocked. Ahilya says this slap will echo in Niranjan’s ears for many decades. She sees Shlok and asks him to keep the things in the kitchen. Niranjan comes to the Bank. The manager asks him to sign on some papers. Niranjan reads and says agreement papers. The manager says when I talked to you, you didn’t have any guarantor. Within 15 mins, your guarantor came and done all the formalities. He asks him to sign on the agreement papers. Niranjan gets thinking about the mysterious guarantor.

Astha gets a call from Anjali, informing her that they got the tender. Astha gets happy and says she will give the good news to Shlok. She rushes to Shlok and takes the water pipe from his hands. Shlok asks have you gone mad? Astha tells him that they got the tender. Shlok is happy as well. Astha hugs him. They hear a noise in the house. Astha goes to check. Shlok wonders how they got the tender.

Ankush and Mala come to Kalindi’s house. Kalindi opens the door and is shocked to see them. Ankush says he wanted to talk to her. Kalindi asks him to leave asking him not to trouble them. Ankush says they came to take their blessings and calls her aayi. He apologizes to her for his mistakes. Kalindi looks on clueless.

She asks are you drunk? I told you already that we have no relation. I realized my mistake and asks him to leave. Ankush says when I didn’t care for you, then you made me stay here, but now when I want to stay, you are asking me to leave. I came to know the truth, that you are right always. Kalindi says I can’t trust you even if I wants to. She requests him to leave. Avdhoot and Aaji look on. Mala tells Kalindi that Ankush brought her here. She asks her not to make Ankush go far from her. Kalindi gets thinking.

Strange Love Saturday 13th November 2021:Ahilya breaks the things and thinks how can we lose? Rashmi asks what did you lose? Ahilya asks Indrajeet, how we lose our victory? Poornima asks how they got the guarantor. Ahilya asks who is helping Niranjan? I can’t be at peace until we enquire about the guarantor. Indrajeet says he will enquire about the person who is helping out Niranjan and who made them lose to Niranjan. He walks off. Astha comes and looks on victoriously.

Astha comes to the hotel. Indrajeet sees her coming and gets mesmerised by her beauty. She says sorry. Indrajeet hugs her tightly, calls her Barkha. Astha gets shocked.


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