Strange Love Saturday 27th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 27th November 2021 Starlife:The Episode starts with Astha and Shlok coming in Ankush and Mala’s marriage. The marriage rituals start and they exchange garlands. Everyone smile.

The pandit says now we will do kanyadaan ritual. He asks them to call Mala’s parents and she cries. Niranjan says he will do the kanyadaan and everyone smile. He says he could not do his daughter Jyoti’s kanyadaan, maybe he can lessen his sins by Mala’s kanyadaan. He does the kanyadaan. Anjali holds Niranjan’s hand and smiles.

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Anjali does the ghatbandhan and everyone smile. Indrajeet finds Ahilya upset and sees her crying. She wipes her tears and he says I came at night and came to know what happened, you did not have food at night and morning, I got breakfast for you, please have food. She says you have always

Strange Love Saturday 27th November 2021 Starlife:given me what I asked for, you have made my all dreams true, I asked for Niranjan’s ruining, peace and you got it, I forgot to ask an imp thing, I wanted to give him a lifelong pain and we did not succeed, you know why, as his wife is with him, and she is very happy as she is getting her husband’s happiness, their family did not break, the misunderstanding was for few days.

She says today I realized Niranjan did not fail ever. He asks what should I understand, I can’t see your pain.

She says I did all this to make Kavita get justice, she is even now standing at same place, Niranjan is culprit and his wife is also responsible, she has taken my daughter’s place, how can she get her share of love and respect. She says I want Anjali’s mangalsutra in my daughter’s neck. He says if Anjali’s staying in Niranjan’s life does not let Kavita get her rights, then from today she will not be in his life, this is my promise.

He says the mangalsutra which changed Kavita’s life, I will get it and keep it in your hands, I promise. She looks at him. Ahilya says I can’t give you much time, you have one week time to make my wish fulfilled, I want Anjali’s mangalsutra in my hand.

He says after his parents’ death, he has raised him and Poornima, and made them capable to be in this place, everyone was eyeing their properties and she just thought to raise them, she has given them selfless love, that he did not feel short of his parents’ love, whatever he does for her is less, he can even die for her, even that would be less. She cries and hugs him.

He wipes her tears and she says he agreed and relieved her burden, she can’t say she got much peace by his yes. He asks her to have food now. She says yes, but I want to meet Kavita before this, don’t know she had food or not, I will just come. He says fine. She goes.

He calls someone and asks him to meet for some imp work, he will give any price. Ankush and Mala’s marriage is going on. Ankush makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor.

The pandit says wedding is completed, they are now husband and wife and asks them to take elder’s blessings. They take the blessings and everyone look happy. Kalindi says happiness came after long. Sid gives the good news that Jyoti is pregnant and everyone smile happily. Anjali kisses Jyoti and sees Astha teary eyed.

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Astha cries and hugs Anjali. Anjali asks what happened. Astha says nothing. Kalindi says you loved Astha more than me, so she is more close to you. Anjali says Sojal and Astha are my daughters and even Mala. She says when she thinks about her, she feels hurt.

Ahlok asks her not to worry and promises her to give him one week, he will return her happiness, respect and house to her. Anjali smiles. Astha gets Indrajeet’s call and says she came out for some work. She says we will leave now and Shlok and Astha take their blessings. Anjali says take care. Astha says she is less worried for Kalindi, Avdhoot and Ajju as Ankush and Mala are there.

She hugs Mala and Sid takes a family pic. Kavita sees Niranjan’s pic and recalls the ladies taunts. She sees her mangalsutra and cries. She says she is his unlucky wife and even if he comes infront of her, she can’t identify him.

She says she is even now walking on path on which he left her hand, and Ahilya hears her crying and saying her sufferings and pain. Kavita says she wishes to die as there is nothing left for her in her life. Ahilya cries and gets angry.

She thinks very soon, I will end Kavita’s wait, its matter of one week and that’s it. Mehta calls Indrajeet and Indrajeet asks him to get POA and come home. He thinks this work is done, now Niranjan will be in our control.

Strange Love Saturday 27th November 2021 Starlife:Poornima comes and hugs him. He smiles and asks whats special, she looks happy. She says I want to say that I am in love. He gets glad and asks do I know that guy, is he from our business or social cirlce. She says yes, he stays in this house, he is Ballu. He is stunned.

Astha asks Indrajeet can she check the imp papers and he says yes. She checks and smiles seeing POA papers. She thinks she will take it and fulfill the promise made to Anjali.


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