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Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 6th November 2021:The Episode starts with doctor coming to check Mishti. Astha thinks she knows very well that Shlok does not lie and she has to know the truth. Shantanu does situps and says mumma I punished myself, make Mishti fine.

Astha comes to him and asks him to say all the truth, did Ballu tell them to go alone, your dad insulted him and kicked him out, if he is innocent, then its not good to kick him out. He says if I tell you, you will tell everyone.

She says I promise I won’t tell anyone. He tells her its his mistake and the truth is Ballu saved Mishti’s life, else…. He cries and she calms him down. She says I promised I won’t tell everyone, but i8ts wrong if Ballu gets punishment being innocent, lets go and tell everyone the truth. Shantanu refuses saying everyone

will scold me. Shlok recalls his stay here and he did a mistake to leave kids alone, now I can’t get POA and Astha got alone here because of me.

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The doctor says the girl is fine, she did not get any injury, she just got scared, I will give her medicines, she will be ok. Mishti wakes up and asks about Shantanu.

Poornima says he is fine, he is in room, and now you don’t need to follow Ballu, we fired him, he deserves this. Astha asks Shantanu to speak up, as Mishti would have died today and Ballu saved her life, and you made him the bad day, is this the way to thank him.

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She says you said Ballu takes good care of you, he is very good, is this the way the you punishing him. She says your mum is seeing everything, and she will not forgive you for this lie, decide what to do.

Shlok thinks what to do, if he goes home, Niranjan and Varad will be disappointed as he failed. Shantanu comes and stops him holding his hand.

He asks him not to go and thanks him for saving Mishti. Shlok says I did what was my duty, take care of Mishti, I m going, you wanted this. Shantanu says come with me, I will tell everyone. Shlok says you don’t like me, why should I stay. Shantanu says give me last chance, I did not request anyone like this, please come with me.

Varad tells Anjali to take his savings and she refuses. He says he has risked relations before.

He says he is sure Niranjan will get the tender and once he gets it, all problem will be saved, he will keep the house mortgaged, he has to take this risk. Niranjan says Avdhoot will help you in this, he has good experience in land matters, don’t worry Anjali.

Strange Love Saturday 6th November 2021Rashmi tells Indrajeet that he did good to kick out Ballu. Poornima says yes, I did not like him, he was weird to do as his heart wants.

Pradeep goes out and sees Shantanu doing situps infront of Shlok and saying sorry. He runs inside and tells everyone that Ballu is making Shantanu hold ears and do situps, come and see this. Poornima says we fired him and he has courage to punish him.

Rashmi says he did this with Mishti and now Shantanu, you do something Indrajeet, teach him a lesson. Astha thinks Lord knows he is innocent, do something, why is Shlok being punished. They all rush to see.

Shlok asks Shantanu not to do this, as he has forgiven him. Shantanu thanks him. Pradeep asks everyone to see how they are holding hands.

Poornima scolds him. Indrajeet asks him to go, he can’t scare kids. Poornima says she won’t leave him if he sees the kids again, just leave. Astha cries. Shantanu says enough, Ballu Bhaiya did not do anything, he has saved Mishti’s life. He says its his mistake and accepts his mistake. He says he wanted to make Ballu leave from house, so he did this. He says Ballu saved her life.

Indrajeet asks Shantanu is he mad, his mistake would have killed Mishti today. Shlok defends Shantanu. Ahilya apologizes to him and asks him to work for them, no need to go anywhere.

She says she hurried in knowing him, and she did mistake of not trusting him, will he take care of kids again. Shlok takes Mishti and asks Shantanu to come.

Astha smiles. Varad talks to Avdhoot and gets the plot details. Kalindi asks Avdhoot to help Niranjan in this tough time, and he says ofcourse I m with them.

Poornima says it was good chance to get rid of Ballu, and he got saved yet again, what to do now. Shlok comes to her and says you look very upset that I m back in this house. She scolds him asking him to be in his manners.

He says he did not think she can fall so low to use kids to make him leave. He says you are quite shallow Miss Poornima Sarkar. Rashmi and Pradeep look on. She says I can’t fall so low to risk the kids’ life to kick you out, but today I promise you, I will make my brother kick you out. He says fine then, carry on.

Strange Love Saturday 6th November 2021:Precap:Astha hears Ahilya telling Indrajeet about ending Niranjan’s hope to get the tender. Indrajeet gets a call and says so he is taking his elder son Varad’s help.


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