Strange Love Saturday 9th October 2021-Starlife Update

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 9th October 2021-Starlife Update The episode starts with a got that goes after threatening Shlok. Asta worried about Shlok. Shlok says we don’t need to worry because we don’t make mistakes. Chowki feels he must explain Shlok in any way. He called Shlok at home and said you were the type of family member, I was worried for you, so I gave good.

advice to fight with Raghu Bhai, we were good people and this was not suitable for us, and they were thugs, They are not good people, they are dangerous. Shlok asked him to relax because they didn’t have the strength, what I did right, if anyone hurt Astha or my business, I will do this. He goes.

Chowki got Raghu’s phone. Rekha said what would happen now. Raghu asked Chowksi how he gave them a food truck. Chowki said they were good people, they were new and did not know the rules, I apologized in their behalf. Raghu said he explained and made him afraid of his anger and death. He said he would die if he came in my way.

Chowki said he would make Shlok apologize. Raghu said yes, otherwise I will burn Chawl. Chowki said he was educated and did not easily bend, but I would take him to you, I was sure he would apologize and end this problem. Raghu said I didn’t expect it so, but it would be nice. He ended the call. Worried about Rekha and Chowksi said I had to make them end the fight, the other Raghu Bhai would run their lives.

Strange Love Saturday 9th October 2021-Starlife Update Rekha said I didn’t think Shlok would agree. Chowki said I had to take Shlok for any reason. Sojal told Pandit to give a list of puja items. He said I had everything, don’t worry, Varad and Sojal must stay fast. Sojal is stunned. Jaya said yes, and signed it to see Niranjan.

Sojal says yes, we will keep the night quickly. Niranjan asks what is fast. Sojal said we remained fast for returns. Chowki stopped Shlok and asked him to come for his work. Niranjan Thank you sojal and said a very good thing. Pandit leaves. Varad comes. Niranjan asked Sojal to take money from him, as his mujanya to Shlok, and he would spend, and you should take it from me.

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Sojal said I didn’t want to disturb, Anjali first gave money before. Niranjan said yes, he used to manage well and give him a key, ask him to manage now. Varad looks. Jaya and Sojal are happy. Niranjan said Anjali was careful and he had a key, now you manage this house and key too. Sojal said no, you save it, I will ask for money when I need it.

Jaya was angry and thought he had to take it. Niranjan gives the sojal key. Varad smiles. Niranjan says I hope you will manage well well. Sojal says baba. Jaya asks Niranjan to sit down, and he will send tea for him.

Varad asked Niranjan how his health was. Niranjan said he was fine, and asked about work. Varad said greatly. Niranjan asked him to manage until the Shlok came, when he came, he would be fine. He asked if he knew about Shlok.

Varad said no, still trying. He thought he didn’t want to be back to return, and Sojal looked after him. Apsara asked Astha to explain Shlok not to fight with Raghu. Asta said thank you for showing worries, but I know what to do. Apsara says alright, die if you want. Rekha told Asta that she was worried because Shlok had gone to Raghu Bhai.

Social opens a safe. Varad asked what he guarded Havan to return to Shlok, he didn’t want to go back. He said he did all this to show Baba and for this key, I have this house in my hand.

Strange Love Saturday 9th October 2021-Starlife Update He thanked him. He said he wanted to walk with him, and want him to get everything he wanted. He said I would always be with you. He said I was happy because we finally got our rights. He said me too. Chowki took Shlok to Raghu’s place. Shlok asked why he got it here. Chowki said I was worried for you and Asta, joined me. Thugs come and take

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