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Strange Love Saturday 20th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange love December teasers
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Strange Love Saturday 20th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode began with Renuka happy that Riya’s proposal was repaired again and talked to the mothers of men thanking them for joining relations, and came to know the Jyoti family met them.

He said yes, they are good people and we will be there at the registry office. He ended the call and scolded Jyoti, asked him to tell his family to be far from the family, because Riya’s proposal broke out because of them. Riya came and defended Jyoti. Renuka was angry and left. Riya calms Jyoti and Jyoti sounds sad because Renuka’s irritation doesn’t end.

Anjali is waiting for Niranjan. Kavita saw her and gave Prasad, asking if she waited for someone. Anjali said he was waiting for her husband. Niranjan was on his way and said Anjali might be waiting, I would call him. He called him and

Asked him to wait, he reached. Kavita goes ahead and Niranjan comes to choose Anjali. He gave him the Prasad and the waves goodbye to Kavita. Niranjan turned to see and didn’t see Kavita’s face, when she turned to the other side.

He asked Anjali to come and they went in a car while Kavita entered the car. Ahilya talks on the phone and is happy. Poornima said the bathroom did not get water, maybe tap the problem. Ahilya said I would try to find and call the ballu. He asked the ballu to call a plumber, like the faucet the bathroom poornima wasn’t fine. Poornima said it would take time. Ahilya asks, can she help and he agrees.

Riya spoke with Jyoti and said he was afraid, his marriage and he didn’t know he could succeed.

Strange Love Saturday 20th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Jyoti said I knew my best, think about the happiness of others. Riya asked if she could manage everything very well. Jyoti smiled and said Maa didn’t feel so. Riya says yes, MAA becomes very angry and even then you bear everything you secretly, I don’t hear you say bad about anyone or angry.

Jyoti said he studied this from Sid, he always supported him, when you get a husband’s love, all the problems were resolved, I knew Maa both by heart and sometimes spices must be in life. He asked Riya to think about his rhizome like his house.

Riya thanked him and said sorry. He thank you for coming in their lives and managing it, and sorry talking badly to him. Jyoti just say now and hug him. ”

Jyoti was dizzy and said he felt weak. Shlok check the tap and try to fix. The tap got water and he told Poornima that there would be no problem now.

He asked if he knew to fix Geyser, hot water would not come. Shlok checks the switch and hot water coming. His hand was on fire and he was worried for him. He went to get an ointment and stopped. He asked him to apply it. He said thank you and left. He said what happened to me, why his behavior was very strange.

Mishti spoke with Asta and asked her to tie a cloth and play. Asta remembers Kavya and the moment spent with Kavya and Shlok. He smiled and Mishti asked him to come. Asta said back from school, then we will play. Mishti insisted on playing now, and tied the cloth to him. Asta tried to find it and Indrajeet came there.

Astha was injured and fell. Indrajeet hugged him and Shlok lights up. Asta removes the fabric and returns. Indrajeet asked if he was fine. He said yes.

Shlok asked Sapna to be careful because Mishti would be hurt. Mishti said don’t say anything to Sapna.

Strange Love Saturday 20th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Indrajeet asked him what happened. Shlok said the hand caught fire with hot water, I would be fine after applying an ointment. Indrajeet took Mishti and Astha worried about Shlok’s hand..you spoke with Anjali and were happy. SID smiles seeing it and they have a sweet moment. He said he ha

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