Strange Love Sunday 12th December 2021 On starlife

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Sunday 12th December 2021 On starlife:Episode begins with astha shouting for assistance. Shlok asked the dog coach to call the dog back. The man called the dog and left. Shlok spoke with Asta and he argued. He asked if he thought this all happened because of me. Indrajeet tried to call Astha and said how to talk to Barkha. Shlok says you mean I have dig this and you fall. He said I didn’t think, leave here if you can’t help. He said he didn’t want, but he was a woman, so he could help humanity. He refused to receive assistance. He said alright, when the animal came and attacked you, then you would know, and even ghosts, you died but did not receive assistance.

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He asked what a man like that, a girl was jammed and he didn’t help, and scared him more. He said he was surprised he made sense so fast, he would help but on

Conditions, that he will apologize and not trouble him. He asked another thing, I would even write my wish for your name. He asked him to think, he had plenty of time. He said I could come out alone and try. He laughed at him. He is angry.
Shlok asked him to apologize, he wasn’t in a hurry. Shlok also fell. Asta began to laugh. He said God punished you. Mala spoke with Ankush and asked where he was, whether he was still in the office. He asked him not to tell anything to Pratibha, because he didn’t want to know anything about Asta. He said Ajju was successful, but how can we say that Asta lost since 8 months, please go home soon. Pratibha heard everything and was surprised.

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Chowksi, Rikha and Sojal are tired of walking. Sojal asks if he believes the temple is near. He said I was sure, look there. Rekha asks if he forgets the route. He thought he was confused and he confused more. He asked him to come. He said I felt you forgot the route, I didn’t want to spend my life in this forest without Papppu. He asked him to come. Sojal said we had no way than approving him, coming. They walked ahead.

Pratibha came to Ajju and asked if he had time to talk. Ajju said yes. Pratibha asks if everything is fine. Ajju said yes, Kalindi was just unhealthy. Pratibha said he knew everything, Astha was gone, don’t lie to me, I heard Mala said, she didn’t know I was standing behind her. Ajju said it wasn’t like that, the reason didn’t say it wasn’t worried. Pratibha said he was my daughter too, why did you make me go in this difficult time, when I was with you in sad times, tell me where she was. Ajju told him everything. (Dizziness).

Strange Love Sunday 12th December 2021 On starlife:Pratibha said I would talk to Kalindi. Ajju asked him to be careful when he was angry at little things. Pratibha says I will be careful, don’t worry. Shlok says he is higher and can easily climb. He said alright, left. He tried. He thought if he left, he would feel insulted, making him fall. He slipped and he laughed thank God. He asked him to laugh when he was alone here, called an animal and laughed with them. He said I have an idea, you bend, I’ll go up with your shoulder and interesting support. He asked him to see himself, he would fall again if he tried to pull it.

He asked what to do. He said I knew how to do and pull some dry grass. He said I would leave, apologize if you want to come. He said sorry. He said he couldn’t hear, say with love, it was not liked. He said I’m sorry. He took the phone and he took him to stay. He helped him and made him ride up first. He slipped and he said Shlok … Concerned about him like before. He looked at him and was happy. Music drama …………… ..

Strange Love Sunday 12th December 2021 On starlife: He held his hand and asked him to come. He fell to him and they had Eyelock. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ………… ..plays ………… .. he asked if he began to seduce he saw a handsome man alone. He said he was very sick. He asked him to go with his way. He said he would get lost alone and leave. He chased him. Jyoti spoke to Sid and was relieved that he was fine. He said so many people died here, his bad country. He asked about things there. He said he was

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