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Strange Love Sunday 26th December 2021:The Episode begins with Shlok and Astha talking while at the same time strolling in the sanctuary. They contend. Shlok requests that she come. They begin strolling together once more. Shlok asks did you ask anything exceptional from the God. Astha says she have a mannat to satisfy for her children. Shlok gets some information about Indrajeet. Astha says he didn’t come. Shlok says it was great. He asks would you be able to stroll in blistering climate. Astha says OK, says once I choose, I will not ease off. I will arrive from the start and cause you to acknowledge how solid I was. Indrajeet ponders his discussion with Astha, and thinks most recent a half year was serene, yet what I have done today. I want to apologize to Astha. He says I will take my Barkha to a charming flame light supper.

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Sojal is working. Varad comes and sees her working and grins. Sojal sees him and gets glad. She gets some information about mortar on his hand. Varad says he is fine. She gets some information about Niranjan. Varad says he is fine and he left him at the medical clinic. Varad gets some information about Shlok. Sojal says he went to sanctuary with Astha. She tells everything to him. Varad says it is great. Sojal says Indrajeet needed to wed Astha in 15 days. Varad says I will not go anyplace and will be with you and Shlok now. He requests that she give water. Sojal grins and goes to bring water.

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Strange Love Sunday 26th December 2021:Shlok discusses his adoration for Astha and expectations God will assist him with joining with her. Astha says you talks like a saint. Shlok says I am gorgeous and acclaims himself. They stroll on the sanctuary steps. Astha feels tipsy. Shlok looks on. Astha says it is warm climate, however I will make due. She yells as something punctured in her feet Shlok causes her to sit and sees the blood coming out from her feet. Shlok says let me wash it. He cleans the injury with water. Astha looks on shockingly. Shlok takes out his tissue and covers her injury. She gazes him.

He asks would you say you are fine? Astha gestures and says she wants water. He makes her beverage it with the pot. Khuda plays… … … … … … .She slips and falls on him. He makes her sit. Astha reprimands him and says these heartfelt thoughts ring a bell as it were. He holds her hand and starts strolling once more. Indrajeet calls her, yet she detaches her call. Indrajeet thinks why she cut my call. I would have gone with her. Indrajeet calls her once more. She picks the call. Indrajeet asks you have gone far and attempts to say… ..yet. Astha says she will call later. They overlay their hands and stand infront of God. Panditji covers them with Mata Chunari. Astha and Shlok look on and gazes one another. Pandit ji favors them and says just those individuals can come to the sanctuary whose affection are valid. He adulates them and says Mata Rani will make you together. Shlok says we are simply companions. Pandit ji apologizes and says he has mixed up. He says your desire will be satisfied. Astha says my mannat would not been satisfied, assuming that you were not here.

Shantanu and Mishti say that they are missing Mamma. Mishti says we can simply recollect mamma in her photographs. She gets some information about her mamma. Shantanu says she was beautiful. They see unique Barkha’s photograph. Shantanu says Sapna didi is our mamma now. Mishti inquires as to why you are missing mamma, assuming you loves Sapna didi. Shantanu says Mamma is genuine mamma and nobody can have her spot.

Shlok asks do you view me as your companion. Astha says OK. Shlok asks would you be able to work on something for me. Astha says OK. He requests that she accompany him. He says you are Astha’s copy. I need you to meet somebody, who was stirred up with Astha’s leaving. Astha consents to meet the individual.

Indrajeet asks Astha, for what reason did you arrive behind schedule? Astha says Shlok comprehends me better than you. Indrajeet becomes irate.


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