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Strange Love Sunday 28th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode began with Ahilya asking for a shont for Sapna and Ballu. Shontu said they went together and said many things. Ahilya is confused. Asta came and told him about his brother’s marriage and his mother came to take him shopping. Mehta came to meet Indrajeet with Imp paper. Ahilya asked Sapna to take her..

Poornima told Indrajeet that he loved the ballu. He asked if he was in his senses, would he love a servant, I would not allow this. He said I came to share my happiness, what’s the problem, even you loved a waiter.

He said enough and angry. He said there was a lot of difference, I like Sapna, and I will marry her to give a better life for him, he will get all the comfort and luxury, and the ballu, think what you will get after marrying the ballu, you

Having a lifestyle, where you will go, I love you, you are my sister, and I can’t say yes to the ballu, this is nonsense, get it from your head. He goes.
Asta took Mehta to Indrajeet. Shlok checked Kavita’s room when she was in the park. He didn’t get anything and Niranjan’s photo was shown in Gita.

Ahlok thinks where to find if POA isn’t here. Mehta said his work was finished. Asta said he would leave. Indrajeet said you might stay, it’s okay. Mehta said all the list of Niranjan companies. Astha asks I have to check if you don’t mind, Imp. He said sure and talked to Mehta.

He smiled at Poa’s paper and thought he would take it from him, and he would get everything back on their behalf, and he would fulfill the promise made for Anjali. He asked what he thought. He said nothing, I checked out. Mehta left.

Strange Love Sunday 28th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Ahilya comes and asks why lawyers come. Indrajeet shows files and says group Agnihotri all files, all corrections are done and have poa too. Ahilya said greatly, keep this safe, we can’t lose them. He said, don’t worry and ask Sapna to check the appointment tomorrow. He thought he had to tell Shlok about Poa.

Asta told Shlok that she had to give good news. He said he didn’t get Poa’s paper. He said it in the indrajeet closet, the lawyer gave now, I just saw. He said I would take paper today.

Indrajeet met with thugs and asked them to kidnap Anjali by watching him, he would say later what to do. He showed anjali photo and gave them money. They go. He said I would fulfill the promise immediately given to Ahilya. Kalindi showed the necklace to Ankush he got for Mala.

Ankush said he would buy something, he had to save this. Kalindi said she would be happy, tell her you have this for her. He said you were very sweet, loved you. He said the same here and sent him.

Poornima cries and says why Indrajeet doesn’t understand that love doesn’t see money, why can’t he see the good of the ballu. Indrajeet came to talk to him.

He said you were upset with me, why are you angry at food. He said I didn’t want to, leave. Shlok went to Indrajeet’s room with Asta. They check Poa. He asked him to take Poa immediately before Indrajeet came from Poornima’s room.

He gave him a closet lock. Indrajeet explained Poornima that the ballu could not give him something, he would not be able to adjust. Poornima said love could not be compared to the lifestyle, let me stay with a ballu if you want to see me happy. He asked him to think again. He cried and he left.

Strange Love Sunday 28th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Shlok asks astha to leave, if they see them together, it will be a problem. He said no. He insisted and he left. He saw Indrajeet come and stop him saying about the meeting. He made him busy in talking. Shlok G.

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