Strange Love Sunday 31st October 2021 Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Sunday 31st October 2021:The Episode starts with Ahilya coming to Kavita and seeing her cry looking at Niranjan’s pics.She thinks she will not spare Niranjan and cries. She leaves out. Its morning, Niranjan tells Anjali that he is worried about Shlok and Astha, he wants to talk to them.

Anjali says she will call. Indrjaeet tells everyone about kids changing, as they wishes him good morning, and its their interview today.

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Astha sees the kids and brings curd sugar, saying my Aai says the work goes well if you have curd sugar before doing anything, all the best. Indrajeet smiles seeing this, and says he will leave for office. Astha gets a call.


wish the kids all the best. Ahilya says its Ballu’s responsibility to make the kids get admission by clearing the interview.

Rashmi poisons the kids’ mind asking them to give flop interview, whats the need to study, a person just needs talent, you have talent already, so do as I said.

Astha thinks why is Anjali calling her, and says its customer care people troubling me by repeated calls. Anjali tells Niranjan that Astha has switched off her phone, did anyone come to know their truth, I m scared.

He says I will call on landline, and she stops him. Rashmi acts sweet to Ahilya and talks positive about kids interview.

Strange Love Sunday 31st October 2021:Astha thinks she will talk to Anjali and Niranjan, else they will worry. Astha sees Rashmi’s earring missing and reminds her.

Rashmi is shocked and says gold is very costly and looks for it. Astha thinks they all got busy in finding it, I will talk to them in kitchen. Niranjan calls on landline and Ahilya gets the call.

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Anjali cuts it and says we will wait for some time. Niranjan says I felt I heard that lady’s voice before. Anjali says maybe you heard it before or just thinking.

Shlok brings the kids to a low level school and they get shocked seeing how kids study sitting on the floor with no facilities.

He says you both will study here, as you don’t need to give any interview here, you both fail in all interviews, I got many kids admitted here, your dad said you both should get admission at any cost. Shantanu says we won’t study here.

Shlok says fine. Try to give good interview at good school, else you will get admission here. He takes the kids to the right school.

Astha calls Anjali and says she and Shlok are fine. Astha says she can’t talk on phone easily, Shlok went out. Anjali gives phone to Niranjan.

He says he was worried for them. Astha says we are fine, Shlok went out, I will make him talk to you, maybe he will come to meet you to say something, I will end call else anyone will doubt. He says take care. She turns and sees Rashmi and Pradeep standing. She acts normal.

Rashmi asks whom was she talking to, and why will they doubt on her. Astha says I was talking to my mum.

Pradeep asks about doubt. Astha tells a long story of her doubting mother and Kaki. Rashmi says you talk a lot, we asked a small question, you said whole Ramayan and Mahabharat, find my earring. Pradeep says Shontu will find. Rashmi says maybe he has thrown it in bin.

Astha says no, he went to get veg. Rashmi scolds her for knowing about everyone’s whereabouts. Astha gets tensed and Rashmi finds the food bill in the bin. Pradeep says it means Ballu ordered food from hotel.

Rashmi says see how he fooled everyone, I knew why was the food good after kids have put salt in it. Pradeep says take this bill to Ahilya. Rashmi says I will show it by adding more spice. Astha gets tensed. Pradeep says we got an imp thing instead of your earring.

Shlok brings kids to Pune’s best school and says if you did not pass interview here, I will get you admitted in that school, all the best and give good interview.

The kids leave. He thinks the kids should pass, I did not want to scare them, but they come under control only like this. He asks the guard about interview duration. The guard says it will take 2 hours.

Strange Love Sunday 31st October 2021:Ahlok says its good I called Baba and I can meet him. He calls Niranjan asking where did he reach and says he is coming. Astha worries to get the bill back and thinks what


Rashmi tells Ahilya about Ballu’s truth and gives the food bill. Astha is shocked seeing this.


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