Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021 starlife

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021 :The episode begins with Shlok come as a manager. Astha began to scold him for doing this new drama for his trouble. Shlok said Ms. Barkha mind your language, which does not need to be that my fault always. He thought why she acts like a sudden. She asks him to give you a ticket, he did not have time to waste. Chowksi reiterating our tickets. Astha say our tickets and asked Shlok unobtrusive. Shlok scolds him and asks him not to talk with bad behavior, he was not interested in him, he made a mistake to think he Astha, but he could not match Astha, he can not Astha her.

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Astha call it bad mannered man, and he does not want to talk to them, take the ticket money is ours, I will play for children at any cost. She asks him to save money, and come in the next play to show the kids. Chowksi and Sojal ask for a ticket. Astha says I’m sure you guys got here for my problem. Shlok pointing the finger at himself and angry. He said enough. He saw his rude behavior. Shlok ask him to speak with courtesy.

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Shlok asked who he was, he had seen many such girls like her, she laughed at herself for thinking she Astha, her drama queen doing this on purpose, did not come my way, because I do not want to see your face. He said even I do not want to see your face and scolds him. He returned the tickets and leaves. Shantanu and Mishti asked where he was going. Astha said we would return, we will not see play. He takes them and leaves.

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021 :Shlok said he was very happy, fun to fight with his wife. Sojal said he was happy seeing Astha, I want to hug him and scolded him for disturbing us, we will get our Astha immediately. Indrajeet home. servant says Astha told him to meet in the play. He said he had at the end of the meeting, and play will start now. He asked for tea. Astha and children home. Barkha He asked what had happened, they came so quickly. Astha send children to rest. He said Shlok get there too, if I knew he was associated with the play, I will not go there, I scolded him and he fought with me.

He says everything and angry. She said she was tired and go away. He thinks now he has talked like old Astha, the sign is not good, now I get it, what do Shlok, to remind him of the old identity, I had to stop it. Astha Shlok remember these words. He is angry. servant give her tea. He asked Indrajeet. She said she went out, she looked angry, is everything okay. He says yes, I’ll talk to him.

Shlok play with Chowksi. Surbhi say I am very happy Shlok, your idea works, you have seen your Astha in him. Shlok thanks. Manya said Indrajeet come and alert them. Surbhi says I’m going to hide in, if he saw me, our plan will fail. Chowksi says he will beat Indrajeet. Shlok said not to do anything, I know why he came here. Surbhi hide. Indrajeet come there and look at Shlok.

Indrajeet said Shlok, Astha you is not yours now, he Barkha me, I do not like him have anyone around him. Shlok said I do not know what I was doing and thinking in anger, I tried to regain his memory, do not need to do all this, truth be the truth, she is my wife and will always be mine. Indrajeet said I understand why you do this, you love it, now he’s with me. Shlok said he could not be yours truly, because she was married to me and have taken the vows with me. Indrajeet said he would not allow Astha back to him, he will see how he will do this.

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021 :Shlok said it was a challenge, you have to be afraid because you’re wrong, I’m right, there is no power in the world could make me separate from him, I’ll get him. Indrajeet asked how he was going to get him, the doctor said if he was around, then his life at risk, then this love to show to the world. I do not think you care. Shlok say I do,

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