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Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 502.

Rekha and Manya face Indrajeet because they threaten them. Shlok tried to remind Aastha about his past.

Then, Shlok admitted Aastha to the hospital. Meanwhile, Avadhoot, his mother and Mala were scared to see Kalindi unconscious. Surabhi told Shlok about Aastha brain injury.

Episode 503.

Shlok was sad when Surabhi asked him to get away from Aastha. Avadhoot tried to calm Kalindi. Barkha told Surabhi about Indrajeet to be her husband.

Sojal was destroyed when Varad told him about Aastha losing his memory. Surabhi pretended to be angry at Shlok in front of Indrajeet.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 504.

Indrajeet warned Shlok to stay away from Barkha. Surabhi heard Indrorjeet lying to Barkha about Shlok.

Varad informs Jyoti about Aastha losing her memory while Kalindi arrives and denounces them in anger. Surabhi found Shlok sitting on the roadside and insisted on dropping it home.

Episode 505.

Ankush tried to calm Kalindi. He tells Asta’s grandmother about Avadhoot going to Mumbai to look for Aastha.

Shlok asked Apsara to work as a waiter at Indrajeet’s house to keep an eye on Aastha. Varad told the Shlok about Niranjan’s critical health. Apsara secured a job at Indrajeet’s house.

Friday December 3 2021

Episode 506.

Kalindi stated that he had lost his faith in God and refused to take part in the puja. Barkha told Indrorjeet about Shlok ignoring it.

Apsara deliberately heard them and notified Shlok about Aastha’s reaction. Barkha received an invitation to NGO show. Shlok implements his plan to make Aastha fall for him.

Episode 507.

Shlok executes the plan perfectly. Barkha told Indrajeet about meeting Shlok. Shlok challenged Indrajeet get Aastha back in his life.

Apsara told the Shlok about Indrajeet who was angry and ignored Aastha. Indrajeet angrily shouted at Barkha for annoying it.

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 508.

Barkha felt doubtful about Indrajeet. Apsara told Shlok about Indrajet conversations with Barkha about not sending him alone.

He swung Barkha to bring children to have Panipuri. Shlok executes his plan. Indrajeet learns from his driver about Barkha by chance to meet Shlok again!

Episode 509.

Indrajeet asked Barkha about meeting Shlok. Siddharth had to leave for Bhopal to cover the news. Indrajeet made Barkha busy to prevent it out. Apsara tried to persuade Aastha to go to the temple.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 510.

Apsara informed Shlok about Indrajeet keeping Aastha busy with work. Renuka went to place his friend, late at night.

Shlok sneaked into Indrajeet’s house to look at Aastha’s glimpse and learn about his feelings for him. Indrajeet agreed to send his children on school trips, falling into the Shlok trap.

Episode 511.

Jyoti tried to reach Siddharth and Renuka, but failed. Aastha and the driver fell into the trap of Shlok on their journey. Renuka decided to save money for his grandson. Shlok lost Aastha trail and tried to find it.

Monday December 6 2021

Episode 512.

Riya questioned Renuka about her hatred towards Jyoti. Renuka decided to sell her bracelet for money. He rebuked Jyoti to ask him. Aastha fell into the hole, trying to run away from a dog. Shlok with panic looking astha.

Episode 513.

Shlok came to rescue Aastha while Indrajeet tried to reach Aastha. Pratibha learns about Aastha. Shlok helped Aastha out of the hole. Jyoti tells Siddharth about his suspicion on Renuka after seeing him go with a bracelet. Shlok and Aastha found a way out of the forest.


TUESDAY December 7, 2021

Episode 514.

Siddharth was very angry with Renuka to behave rudely with Jyoti. Jyoti apologized to Renuka because of his mistake. Meanwhile, Avadhoot apologized to Pratibha on behalf of Kalindi. Indrajeet was worried about Barkha after hearing the shooting record.

Episode 515.

Renuka has no intention of forgiving Jyoti. Grandma Aastha worried about Kalindi coming out early in the morning. Kalindi is looking for a lawyer’s help to get Aastha back while Indrajeet panicked trying to find Barkha. Shlok took Aastha to Indrajeet after he fell unconscious.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 516.

Barkha told Indrajeet about events. Indrajeet Thank you Shlok. Then, he rebuked and fired his driver. Kalindi promised grandmother Aastha to tell her everything at the right time. Indrajeet decides to be careful. Barkha told Indrajeet that he felt safe with Shlok.

Episode 517.

Indrajeet told Barkha about fulfilling his desire to marry him again on their 10th wedding anniversary. Surabhi motivated Shlok not to lose hope. Indrajeet squeeze Emotional Barkha to approve the marriage. He told Shlok about marriage and invited him.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 518.

Aastha has memories that don’t clearly see wedding decorations. Shlok and Asta took a boy, had his car to the hospital. The boy received his mistake before the police. Aastha could not stand the Shlok ignoring it. He rebuked Shlok after he saved him from running with a car.

Episode 519.

Barkha told Indrajeet about the accident and how Shlok helped him. Shlok shared his plan against Indrajeet with Apsara. Indrajeet told Shantanu and Mishti about his marriage to Barkha. Kalindi told Grandma Aastha about submitting a case against Agnihotris. Barkha apologized to Shlok.

Friday December 10 2021

Episode 520.

Apsara told Shlok that Aastha had gone to meet a designer for her wedding dress. Indrajeet faces Barkha to meet Shlok. Then, Shlok asked Barkha to accompany him to the Maharashtrian food festival. Barkha told him about his upcoming marriage with Indrajeet.

Episode 521.

Indrajeet saw Shlok dropping Aastha’s house. Then, he decided to keep the Shlok from Aastha. He told Shlok about his marriage proposed with Aastha and invited him to the same thing. Shlok apologized to Kalindi because it didn’t behave badly with Aastha. He told Kalindi that Aastha had lost her memory.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 522.

Shlok helped Aastha choose her clothes for a wedding. Barkha asked Indrajeet about meeting his parents. Shlok asked Kalindi to reach Indrajeet’s house. He called Indrajeet and mocked him telling about the need for Aastha’s parents at the wedding. Indrajeet tried to calm Kalindi when he arrived.

Episode 523.

Indrajeet tried to convince Kalindi that Aastha was happy with her. Shlok criticized Kalindi’s decision to let Aastha live with Indrajeet. Indrajeet made fun of Shlok because it didn’t work in his plan. Shlok told SOJal about Kalindi’s decision. Grandma Aastha did not approve of Kalindi’s decision.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 524.

Aastha decided to go to the temple with Panditji’s advice. Apsara informed Shlok about Aastha goes to the temple. Indrajeet became tense to see his aunt at home. Aastha went to the temple against Indrajet’s desire. He met Shlok at the temple. Shlok prevents Aastha fall.

Episode 525.

Indrajeet decided to bring Barkha on a candle dinner. Varad returns from Singapore. Shlok helps Aastha to reach the temple. Pandit discusses Aastha and Shlok as husband and wife. Shantanu and Mishti remember about their mother. Shlok asked Aastha to help him.

Monday December 13 2021

Episode 526.

Series finale

Aastha agreed to help Shlok. Indrajeet explained to Shantanu and Mishti the reason remarried Sapna. Avadhoot is happy to meet Aastha. He thanked Shlok for bringing Aastha to meet him. Meanwhile, Barkha faced Indrajeet for his bad behavior. Indrajeet apologizes for barking



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