Strange Love Thursday 11th November 2021 Starlife

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Thursday 11th November 2021 :The episode began with Indrajet looked at Astha and turned when he looked at him. He said sorry and did his job.

Niranjan discussed the tender work with Varad, how Avdhoot helped them in land problems, and said I knew no one could make a better presentation than Shlok, we must talk to him. Varad called Shlok and asked if he had time to make a presentation.

Shlok said yes, I made a good one, we will get a tender and say he will meet Baba and provide a USB who has a presentation. He ended the call and thought he could not let Baba fail this time, they had to get a tender. He works in a children’s room on a laptop. Poornima came there drunk and fell on Shlok, while he fell asleep.

He asked him what he did with a laptop, he would say this to Indrajeet. He said I made a presentation of children, and if he told Indrajeet or Ahilya about the drunkenness, what he would say. He said I would not leave you and leave.

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He said thank God he didn’t see anything. Mala tells everyone that he doesn’t want to force Ankush to accept it, he has started life less in their place after Asta knows about him, I don’t want to trouble him.

Avdhoot said giving him time, he would realize his life was incomplete without him. He thanked him and said I didn’t see my father, but I’m sure he couldn’t be better than you. He hugged him. Ajju said I would finish a happy family photo and hug everyone.

Shlok came and hugged Astha when she came after taking a shower. He got tea for him. He said I felt bad that you need to do all this work. He said the problem was a few days, then you did all this for me, and I would drink coffee, not tea, I promised, everything would be fine. He hugged him. Shontu came and said sorry disturbing, I came here to clean the room, I would leave.

Asta smiled and told Shlok that she would tell the number of tenders when she knew from Indrajeet. He said whatever happened, Baba had to get a tender. Shontu thought the ballu was very smart so he had divided Sapna in a few days, he also had to teach him.

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A man came to meet Indrajeet and Shontu said he was studying, come with me. Avdhoot meets Niranjan and Varad and gives files, saying about the plot.

Strange Love Thursday 11th November 2021 :Niranjan thanked him and said that I always pressed you for the wrong job, I was really embarrassed, whatever we did would be ethical and we would be in our limits. Avdhoot said forget about the past, we must gather and make a good future. Niranjan said the most famous relationship in trouble, we were lucky to get you. Avdhoot thanked them and left.

Indrajeet think there is no way Niranjan gets a tender this time, we will get it. Asta came and greeted her, while she signed a newspaper.

He keeps coffee and droplets of wet hair falling on the sign. He said Sapna and stopped him from cleaning it. He held his hand and looked at him

. He ledt his hand and said I would clean it. Shontu came and got the man. Indrajeet talks to him. The man said I made the newspaper ready to do Niranjan property named other people. Astha thinks about who and why.

Indrajeet got paper and said thank you. The man said he got a sign on paper. Ahilya said sure, you made paper, we will do the rest. He asked Sapna to leave and Astha left.

Strange Love Thursday 11th November 2021 :Ahilya said I’m sure you did the job like we said. The man said yes, all Niranjan properties were named after. Ahilya said I was happy. Asta heard her name Ahilya and thought to talk to Niranjan, maybe

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