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Strange Love Thursday 18th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Strange love December teasers
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Strange Love Thursday 18th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode began with Shlok asking astha about the matter disturbing his mind. Asta said she wanted this work to end soon and just wanted to go home. He said it was a few days and they would see the kavita room too.

He asked if there was something else. Ahilya called Sapna and she made Shlok go with a window. Ahilya offers her dress and asks her to choose, the other she will give Poornima. Asta said she would use one of her clothes. Ahilya confirmed and Asta chose one. Poornima appearance and thought he would see when he chose his dress. He goes.

Ahilya asks Sapna to see another dress because this will suit it again. Asta said alright and took another. Ahilya said she felt like their family now, and happy. servant said the call came for him and

Ahilya’s leaves asked her to give another dress to Poornima. Niranjan and Anjali did Puja at home.

Strange Love Thursday 18th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Varad and Sojal also do puja. Pandit asks Anjali to give aarti for everyone. Kavya asks I can go to play. Sojal said later. He asked Anjali and Anjali drops of plate by mistake. Pandit asks what he does, aarti falling plate is not profitable.

Panic Anjali and Niranjan said smoothly, it could happen to me too, nothing happened. He asked him to sit down. Varad pays a fee and he leaves. Pray Anjali for his family. Rashmi and Poornima saw Sapna and he reminded Rashmi to do what he did, for Sapna’s destruction dress, and he sent the dress with Ahilya so he did not hesitate on him. Rashmi said he would not leave a dress.

Poornima said Sapna, the party today will be the last day in this house, I will not let your dream come true. Now bear the consequences of increasingly in the fight with me.

Rashmi walked in Asta’s room and took this Poornima dress. Rashmi said it looked sapna in the bathroom and the ruins of the leaf zipper dress and leaf. He said now see how you lose infront respect you from everyone in the party.

Avdhoot meets Niranjan and says he will go home and come to meet. Sojal said he would get tea. He said no, I will leave in 5 minutes. He said I would get water.

Anjali asks him to have a prasad. Apologize to Niranjan not to invite them in the Puja and thank you for the help of her child to provide a guarantee. Avdhoot says Kalindi and I am happy to get our child, talk to her marriage that happened, we will tell when there is something final. They congratulate.

Asta came after taking a shower and said she didn’t want to wear the dress, but Ahilya to her. Shontu brings tea for him. Asta sent the damaged dress to Poornima by Shontu. Indrajeet welcomes guests and waits for Sapna. Shlok smiled at Astha in a black western dress. He praised him and stopped him. He asked what. He nodded there and stopped again. He asked what. He said nothing and tempt him. Iss dil ka ab kya karun ………… .plays ……… ..

Asta came in the party and Indrajeet looked at him. Poornima saw himself and smiled. Shlok oversees Asta. Children’s Astha praise.

Asta thanked and smiled. Rashmi saw Asta and Poornima dress the same and would tense. He thought who was wearing a crushed dress. Ahilya asked her to go to the kitchen and see the start. He said music and dance must be there. Rashmi left. Guests start dancing. Ahilya sees astha and indrajeet and smiles. He joined their hands and Shlok was stunned.

Strange Love Thursday 18th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Astha gets uncomfortable. Angry SHLOK see them. Asta and Indrajeet dance. Asta gave a fake smile for Ahilya. Ahilya goes and Asta takes her Hand.


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