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Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Thursday 4th November 2021:The Episode start with Rashmi and Pradeep talking about kids going to school and learning good things and then they can’t spoil them.

Shantanu comes and they fill his ears against Ballu. Astha says once she gets POA, she will see everyone. She hears Shank sound from Kavita’s room and hides seeing Shontu.

Shontu gives food there and leaves. Shlok makes kids ready and Shantanu thinks of Rashmi’s idea to make Ballu out of house. He says he will go alone.

Shlok says you are not grown up to cross road alone, I m coming along.

Shantanu throws water bottle to rebel. Shlok goes to refill it. Shantanu asks Mishti to come to make Ballu lose the job. Rashmi and Pradeep see this and are glad.

Indrajeet tries choosing clothes and Astha comes to decide his clothes,

as Ahilya told her. She starts suggesting him and takes out all of the clothes from cupboard.

She decides pink color shirt and says this happens with me too, I get confused and I wear what I like. She then arranges his cupboard. He smiles. She asks him to go and change.

He gets dressed. She compliments him and leaves. He says same choice as Barkha, even she likes same combinations and colors.

Strange Love Thursday 4th November 2021:Rashmi and Pradeep complain about Ballu to Ahilya and say he has send kids in bus risking their life, if there is any accident then, Ballu said they will be hurt and get sense. Ahilya gets angry and says how can Ballu do this, he knows kids are imp to us, he did wrong. Rashmi says yes, how can the kids cross road alone. Ahilya goes calling out Ballu.

Shantanu asks Mishti to come and she says she is scared to cross road alone. He says we can live life like before and he runs, she falls on the road and cries seeing a truck come towards her. Shantanu asks Mishti to get up. Shlok saves Mishti in nick of time and she faints. Shantanu cries. Shlok tries to make her conscious and asks Shantanu to wait. Shantanu runs crying. Shontu says Ballu went out.

Pradeep says Ballu is useless and complains to Indrajeet about traffic and kids alone on road.

Astha says Ballu can’t do this. Rashmi says you know it so well in two days, I saw kids going alone. Astha says I have also seen Ballu taking care of them.

Shantanu comes crying and says Mishti… They ask what happened to her. He says something happened to her. Shlok brings Mishti. They are shocked. Indrajeet asks Sapna to call doctor. Astha calls doctor for emergency. Everyone care for Mishti.

Ahilya asks Ballu what happened to her. Ballu says nothing, she is fine, she fainted being scared. He says she will be fine, sprinkle water on her.

Astha sprinkles water and Mishti wakes up. She says dada…. And faints again. Rashmi thinks this matter can come on us and she should frame Ballu. She starts blaming Ballu. Shlok says I told them not to go out alone. I went to kitchen to refill water bottles.

Rashmi lies so much and Indrajeet scolds him saying its his mistake to give kids’ responsibility to him. He asks him to get out. Shantanu gets scared and runs to his room. Astha sees him.

Shantanu apologizes to his mum’s pic that Mishti’s accident happened because of him, he does not want to lose Mishti as he already lost her, tell Lord to make her fine.

Shlok says maybe its my mistake, but this won’t happen again. Indrajeet says I saw the result trusting you once. He says get out else we will kick you out. Pradeep holds Shlok’s hand asking him to leave else he will call police.

Shlok scolds him to talk in low tone and says Indrajeet won’t need to fire him, as he won’t work at place where they don’t value truth.

Strange Love Thursday 4th November 2021:Poornima asks him to leave and scolds him. Shlok says I did my responsibility well, I don’t care what you think. Shlok leaves.

Shantanu does situps infront of Shlok. Pradeep tells this to everyone and asks them to see what Ballu is making Shantanu do.

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