Strange Love Thursday 7th October 2021-Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Thursday 7th October 2021-Starlife Update The episode starts with Matron asking Anjali about grasshoppers to change so well and suddenly come with blankets and sweets, whether Niranjan doubts you here and he has sent it here to check you out. Anjali said no, my heart said he really changed, I could not doubt it, and Kavya would not tell the secret.

Matron said maybe Sojal c

hanged, but what about Niranjan, he can use anyone for his profits, maybe he uses Soja. I want you to be careful because he can doubt you are here. Anjali said maybe you said right. Sita serves pickles to Niranjan, and she said I didn’t eat pickles. He remembered Anjali and missed him. He asked about Soja. Sita said she went out and told me to give you food.

Sojal and Kavya came home. Niranjan called Sojal and scolded him for becoming an elder of shoulders and did not know his responsibility, lunchtime, and where he went. Sojal said I went to the temple to pray for Shlok, Asta, and Anjali, I missed them, I wanted to pray for their happiness and safety. He said alright. He smiled. Asta asked Shlok. Why did he not go for an interview? He said he was here for his help. He asked him to try and hope his best.

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Some thugs come in Chawl with their boss. The boss dropped the car while everyone saw it with a tense face. Apsara smiled even saw it, and the miracle where he came now after days. Rekha saw him and was surprised. He came to Chowksi when he spoke on the phone. He said they came, after days. He asks who. He said Raghu Bhai. He was surprised. Apsara told Shanta that we were waiting for him, and he got out of prison, and now see how Asta’s food trucks come down from here. People gave Hafta to Raghu. Asta was seen when GOONS collected the number of Hafta / Protection. He asked Chowksi who they were and what they did. Chowksi said they came to take refuge money, only Rs 100, give.

Strange Love Thursday 7th October 2021-Starlife Update Asta said I saw them for the first time, and if the police protected us, why should we pay it. Sachin made him afraid and asked him to give money. Chowki said Raghu Bhai was in prison for three months so you didn’t see it, it was. The Goon spoke with Chowksi. Chowksi said he would give Rs 100 from the Asta side. Asta stopped him and said no. He brought Rs 5 and gave him. Goon asks what this is, give Rs 100. Asta says take this if you want. They scolded him. Asta argues with the gone. Raghu Bhai saw Asta.

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Asta scolded Goon, and Raghu Bhai walked to him. Raghu looked at him angrily, while Chowksi became tense. He came in between and said forgiveness, I apologized from his side, he was new in Mumbai. The leader pushed Chowksi. Raghu asked who he gave Rs 5, his eyes or mind was broken, did he think he was a beggar. He said the beggar came with a box. Goon aims for him. Asta is afraid. Raghu asked Chowksi to return. He said if Asta was not a girl, she would shoot her now. Goon said he protected him, so he asked for money, gave us money, otherwise we would take all the money from the box. Rekha asked Astha to give money, when her business went well. He said they were dangerous. Asta said no, I won’t even give Rs 1. I’m not afraid of her.

Strange Love Thursday 7th October 2021-Starlife Update Raghu signed his bad person. They beat Chowksi and take the money box. Astha cries. Raghu saw Asta and asked what he did now, their money now. Apsara smiled. Raghu said I didn’t want acting from the next time. They all leave. Rekha stops Asta. Asta said it was the money obtained with difficulty, they took it. Apsara mocked Asta. Chowksi asked Rekha to bring astha home, and he would close the shop. Sojal talked to Jaya and asked I should tell the varad that AAI was in the ashram, if he knew I knew it and I didn’t tell him, he would be angry. Jaya said no, Anjali didn’t

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