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Strange Love Tuesday 16th 2021 Starlife Update:The episode starts with Shlok to say where you astha, I dream of you. Rashmi, Pradeep and Poornima talked about Sapna. Asta came and looked annoyed. They think maybe indrajeet a lot of scolding him. Asta went to her room, and Rashmi smiled. Indrajeet came and Poornima said he had come. He greeted him and asked if he had coffee. He said no, thank you and go to his room.

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He said I would find out. Shlok waits for Asta. He came to him with tears in his eyes, given the recognition of Indrajet. He hugged him and cried. Shlok asked what happened to him, did anyone say anything. He said I missed you. He said so you arrived late. He said he didn’t have food there, but if anyone saw them here. He said nothing to come, Shontu will tell us. He said I like it

You astha. He thought what to do, let you know about today? He said Ankush gave a guarantee today for our tender and he accepted Kalindi.

He wondered and hugged him, said he was very happy. He said yes, the good news. He asked him to come and eat.
Shlok showed a special gift to Asta and made him eat in his hand. Dehleez pe … He said it was impossible, my love would always increase for you. He made him have food. He hugged him and they sat spent a few moments of peace together. Jeena Jeena ………… Drama ……………

He said you know Astha we won today, why? He asked why. He said our trust in each other was our greatest strength, it helped us in fighting all the problems, and my trust was on you.

Khuda ………… ..plays …………. He said your love is the reason my life, you are my world. Indrajeet is in his room, remembering Asta / Sapna at Barkha’s saree and his anger exploded him when he hugged him. He was nervous and heard the sound of the recorded barkha.

Strange Love Tuesdayno6th 2021 Starlife Update:Barkha asked him to move in life, what stopped him, today he has his children and one day they will be busy in their lives, then you will feel the needs of a life partner and a friend, I know you love me very much, and you stop carrying Someone in your life, until when you will live with my memory, until when you will distance yourself from love, love will come again in your life, you must accept it for you, for you Sake Barkha.

Anjali saw Niranjan worried. He asks what he thinks, drink milk and sleep, he has to get up early. He said I would, I wanted to talk to you. He said say. He made him sit respectfully and said it was seen this time it would stop here.

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He asked him to say what was in his heart, he always stopped his voice, and never let him talk. He asked what to say. He said I didn’t know your Suku, didn’t like it, the color of the fav, many years married and I didn’t try to find out.

He said we would start with my belongings, and said I thought you always support me in every phase of my life, whatever I am, good or bad, I’ve never been good, I’m a very bad man, and you still support me, and you still have Hold me, I really hurt you, you have borne everything, forgive me.

He said you always loved me, and didn’t ask for any rewards, I had tortured you and you stood stiff, I was grateful. He cried and said it was my wife’s duty, enough that you said this.

Strange Love Tuesday 16th 2021 Starlife Update:He said this is my tears my happiness, I don’t want anything, I want to spend time peacefully with you, I am very happy, even if death comes, I will not have complaints with life. He said he could not live without it, his life was long, did

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