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Strange Love Tuesday 28th December 2021:The Episode begins with Astha reviewing Shlok and crying. Indrajeet comes and says he got the medication, he will apply. She says no need, I will put forth a concentrated effort and acts inconsiderate to him. Apsara looks on. Indrajeet begins chastening her and asks whats amiss with her, he adores her a great deal and needs to keep her glad, he is doing this for her satisfaction, its couple of days left for their marriage, she couldn’t care less and never submits to him. He says I realize I mixed up, how much would it be a good idea for me I control my displeasure, I need to know whats happening to you, you could do without me.

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She cries and says she doesn’t know whats occurring, she feels awkward when he approaches, and she requested time, he concurred previously and nowadays he definitely dislikes everything, she went to sanctuary and she did

not call Shlok, whats my error on the off chance that he comes, you don’t confide in me. She says I trust you, not Shlok. She says then, at that point, go with me all over and you will know meeting Shlok is simply fortuitous event. He holds his ears and apologizes to her. She says its alright and stays upset.

Strange Love Tuesday 28th December 2021:Shlok thinks he helped Astha in satisfying mannat and she will contemplate me, and believe me. Varad comes and asks how was the gathering with Astha. Shlok says it was great, I think I made a spot in her heart. Varad says OK, Sojal told me. Shlok says how he figures out how to meet Astha by Apsara’s assistance. Varad says I m truly pleased with you that you didn’t leave trust. Shlok says he hangs tight for the day when Astha comes to him and says she cherishes me, then, at that point, I will return home. Varad says I m sure it will be soon.

Shlok gets some information about Baba. Varad says he is fine, recuperating, he takes your name, he will be happy assuming you meet him. Shlok says I will meet him, I need Astha and Baba to get fine and we stay together. Varad embraces him and grins. Astha figures she can’t comprehend Indrajeet, for what reason is she terrified, for what reason does she disapprove of Shlok. Apsara welcomes squeeze and sees the imprints on her hand. She asks how could she get injured and offers juice. Astha says she doesn’t need and sends her.

Sachin requests that Shlok come and play cricket. Shlok says not presently. Indrajeet comes to him. Shlok and Varad sit cool. Apsara calls Shlok. He closes the call and checks out Indrajeet. He requests that he sit. Indrajeet says I didn’t come here to sit and have tea, store as a primary concern what I m going to say now, you like to meet my better half Barkha, did you meet her, you went with her to sanctuary and did her mannat, recall it was your last gathering, assuming that you are seen around her once more, I won’t leave you. Shlok yawns and says I will see what you can do.

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Apsara says for what reason is Shlok not accepting my call, and calls Sojal to know whats occurring. She asks how is she. Sojal says I m fine. Apsara says he needed to illuminate Shlok about enormous battle among Indrajeet and Astha, and presently she is extremely vexed. Sojal says Indrajeet has come here, I will talk later. Shlok says Astha is my significant other, and requests that he successfully prevent him from observing Astha’s birthday, two days away. Indrajeet says challenge acknowledged, do anything, I will see, she is my significant other, your Astha is gone always, she is my Barkha now. He leaves.

Sojal tells Shlok and Varad that Apsara informed on telephone. Shlok calls Apsara and asks how did Indrajeet respond. Apsara figures he will be irate assuming she tells about Indrajeet holding Astha’s hand tight and harming her. She says they recently contended and closes the call. Shlok says I simply realize Indrajeet is catching in his own web and his reality will come out one day. Indrajeet gives cash and Shlok’s pic to a hooligan and says numerous your men watch my home, this man ought not be seen in 1km width of my home, my family ought to be protected.

Shlok messages Astha asking his she fine, is her barrel harming, trust she took medication. She says she is fine, as her companion has done the emergency treatment. He grins and messages her requesting espresso meeting. Indrajeet comes and she behaves like dozing. Shlok hangs tight for her message. Indrajeet advances hand to hold her and she turns. He grins and leaves. She gets up and thinks Thank Lord Indrajeet felt I m resting. She answers Shlok that she will attempt, yet its extreme.

Its morning, she gives aarti dhup at home and Indrajeet accompanies the children. He requests that the children say her the astonishment. The children say we are going for excursion. Indrajeet requests that they sit in the vehicle and the children leave. Indrajeet says kids are invigorated for the cookout, and is she not energized. Astha says I m truly astonished. He says I realize you well, what is wrong. She thinks did he read her and Shlok’s talk. He holds her and she moves his hand away. She says there isn’t anything. He says I comprehended, you are as yet irritated and didn’t excuse me. She inquires as to why.

Strange Love Tuesday 28th December 2021:He says for yesterday. She says not at all like that. He is sorry to her for reprimanding her and becoming irate on her. She inquires as to for what reason is he saying so often. He says fine, prepare. She says I will just come and goes. He illuminates the hooligan that he is going out with his family and requests that he watch out. He says we will take Kamla along, she can deal with kids. Astha says she isn’t at home. He says call her and say her to meet us straightforwardly at the recreation area. He thinks he needs to leave soon.

Indrajeet says your day got squandered today, he got Astha extremely distant from him. Shlok says he will take Astha from him right infront of his eyes. Indrajeet says I will be pausing.


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