Strange Love Tuesday 5th October 2021-Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Tuesday 5th October 2021-Starlife Update The episode begins with a varied who told the sojal that its imp for them that Niranjan did not come to the office today. He took a glass of juice and said yes. He said thank you and left. He took a happy juice for Niranjan, and fell when Jaya crashed him. Sojal was surprised. He asked Jaya what he did. Jaya asked him to make a juice again, and took a fruit plate. He goes. Soja’s worries and think about what to do.

Sjhlok said it’s not bad, but I’m not sure that you have to go. Asta said what to do and call Rekha. He asked Rekha to come for food delivery. Rekha agrees and says let’s go, you do a good job. Asta saw Shlok. He asked what happened, why did you look like this, I knew I was handsome. He said he didn’t know how I made food, I was nervous. He said it would be good if they like it or not. He said I was scared. He asked him to leave. Asta left with Rekha.

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Sojal saw Niranjan get ready for the office. Sojal calls Varad and says juice falls where you add a tablet. He said, don’t let Baba come here, and ask him to add the tablet to be on the bedside table. He said alright. Sachin played with his friends. Asta returned and saw her play.

He was angry and rebuked him. He asked if he bet money to play and pull his ears. Sachin asked him to leave him. Apsara came and defended Sachin. Asta said you have to do this what I did. Apsara argued and asked Astha why he gave money to spoil it and now punish him. Asta said I didn’t know she took money for this, don’t come to me today, you ruin your future.

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Strange Love Tuesday 5th October 2021-Starlife Update Niranjan left for office. Sojal stopped it. He asked if Anjali didn’t teach him not to call from behind when someone left. He said sorry, you don’t have juice today, I can’t risk your health, please ask. Niranjan drank it, and left.

Soja’s worries and thought it did not affect him, even when I put two tablets, how to stop it from going to the office now. Niranjan sat in the car and left. Varad called Sojal and asked if he did what he said. He said I made Baba drink juice, but he went to the office. He said Damn and tense. He said sorry. Niranjan checks several files.

Varad came into the conference room and talked to Mr. Chowdhry. He asked if Niranjan came in today’s meeting. Niranjan reaches the office. Varad said yes, he will come. The driver opened the car door and said we reached the office. Varad thought to stop Nianjan outside.

He came out and saw Niranjan sleeping in the car. He smiled and closed the door. He asked the driver to take him home because his health was not fine. Car leaves. Varad got a call from Sojal and he said nothing to worry about, I sent Baba home, let the driver to take him to his room, Baba needed a break and I had to do my job here.

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Shlok gets an expensive cellphone and asks that why he bought an expensive one. He said because I always wanted to connect with you. The ringtone ring and Shlok don’t like it. He laughed and said he bought the phone with their first income and wanted to alleviate their lives. He said you got my love, what if I said I wanted you all the time. They have an eye lock.

Sachin came to them, and Asta said he would not speak. Sachin apologized to him and said he would not play again, and study well, don’t be annoyed. He said I really like you, if you make a mistake, Romeo you forgive you, and I’m just a child, forgiving me. Asta said I did not make a mistake, and he would not forgive him next time. He goes. SHLOK smiles.

Strange Love Tuesday 5th October 2021-Starlife Update Varad came to Mr. Chowdhry. He apologized to everyone and said Niranjan could not come when he fainted when he came here, he would not like the job suffering, so we had to start the meeting. He said Baba said I would attend all of me

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