Strange Love Update Sunday 3rd October 2021

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Update Sunday 3rd October 2021The episode began with Asta stopping people from damaging their small hotel. The man says you don’t have a license and we can’t help you. They took the food truck and left. Astha cries. Apsara thinks he chases Shlok, see how he broke down now. Shlok came and was surprised to see Astha crying. He said Asta … Asta told everything they had taken everything.

Chowki said he had to tell them about the license. Asta said we would file a license and pay a fine. Chowki says it will take time, like 2-3 days, we must bear losses. Astha cries. He said I had a plan, join me. Shlok said no need to make a mistake, we will leave, you are here. Asta said no, I will come along, we can’t be late. They go with Chowki. Apsara thinks nothing is fine now.

Varad spoke to Mr. Choudhary who asked about Niranjan’s decision and Shlok in this business agreement. Varad tries to convince him. The man said Niranjan had never missed coming to the office, he always attended every meeting, made me talk to him. Varad becomes tense. Asta asked Chowksi to leave, and he would call him if they needed help.

Chowki says alright, if there is a problem, let me know. Asta gave the license application and the man asked him to pay a fine. Asta and Shlok fill out the form and be fine. The man asked them to come after two days. Asta asks why. The man said it took time to do formality. Asta said we paid a fine and you did not give us back our food truck. The man said if you argue, you will get a truck after four days.

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Shlok argued and the man refused to give food trucks, asking them to do anything now. Asta asked Shlok to come. He said what they were thinking, they were government officers so they would do anything.

Strange Love Update Sunday 3rd October 2021 He said he knew this would happen, so he thought of a plan. He called Chowksi and asked him to come. He came and he said the plan B. Shlok asked astha was he was angry, don’t do anything to create more problems. Asta said this was the only choice and I needed your support. He said he would take back food trucks.

Varad Niranjan’s call and Sojal took a call and asked was Baba at home. He said he went to work. He said ok told him to talk to me when he returned. Niranjan asked Sojal who called it.

Sojal was surprised to see it. Niranjan said I was at home. He said I felt you came out, it was a varied call. He said why did you receive a call on my cellphone. He said I felt important and took it. He said don’t make a mistake to answer my call again.

He thought he was saved from Baba’s anger today. Asta cried and created a large scene at the government office, and surprised them, said about women’s empowerment, and how some people went about the government and pulled back women’s independence.

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Chowki comes there as a reporter. Astha asked her to come and see what government officers did. He said I paid a fine, still, they didn’t give me it. He asked him to record everything. He said the media reporter would expose them now.

Chowki did acting like the anchor of Sansani news. He felt he was excessive and gave him his statement. Shlok smiles watching this too.

Asta showed a paid receipt and said this was proof of my innocence. Asta said how I would run my house, I had two small children, and dragged her drunk husband who spent all the money, sometimes he didn’t have to get milk for kids. He became a woman who was helpless and asked the man to return food trucks, if this news reached the senior level, what they would think about him. He cries.

Strange Love Update Sunday 3rd October 2021 Varad told Mr. Choudhary that he would attend the meeting, even if Niranjan was not here. Mr. Chaudhary said this agreement was important and I needed

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