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Strange Love Wednesday 17th November 2021 Starlife Updated:The episode begins with Rashmi think how knowing about Sapna. Ahilya ask Shontu to prepare a feast. He told Indrajeet that they would give the party to show that they are not affected if Niranjan gets tender, we should show that we are sad to tell everyone about the party. He says yes, I will invite all major employers, making arrangements for a party.

Rashmi hear this and say what happened to him, the party after losing. Sojal tells Anjali that he spoke with Pandit and arrange for the puja. Anjali Prasad asked him to make. Niranjan came and asked what happened.

Anjali said they are preparing for Maa Devi Puja like every year, he has done this tradition since many years, he would go to the temple and do puja every day, you come with me on the last day. She said sure.

She said I hope we come out return to RAM Navami. He said this would happen. Astha take some photos of the laptop Indrajet. He called Varad and says he has sent a photo Indrajet Institute scheme, and asked him to check. She said she would check it out and asked him to be careful. Indrajeet came to him and he tensed..

He starts to leave and he was holding his hand to stop him. He was angry and free his hands. He asked what she was doing, she did not like it, so he asked her to be in his bounds.

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He said Sapna, I know why you’re mad since two days, I have no memory of the Holi day, Poornima told me that I said I .. I’m sorry, I’m not in my understanding. He said exactly, but I am in a sense, this work is nothing more than my pride, if you make this mistake again, I would be powerless to leave this job, I hope I made myself very clear. He said the trust Sapna, I do not know life will bring me to this turning point, like Barkha used to talk to me properly, I’ve seen you talk like him, the way you talk with the children and take care of them, I feel Barkha come in my life.

Strange Love Wednesday 17th November 2021 Starlife Updated:He said that when my hand is broken, you take care of me, I get angry when anyone touching objects Barkha, but that day, when you wear a saree Barkha, I did not say anything, I have seen Barkha in you, and I went ahead and hug, I live like a death without Barkha, just work and make my children go, because you came into my life, my children close to me, I feel my pain a little more when you’re near, I feel like everything will be fine, you come as a ray of hope. .He says I do not want to know how you feel, save it for yourself, I pamu, how can you say this to me, when you are hurt, what I do is with humanity.

He says if he gets the meaning of this, then I’m sorry, I feel sad for you, when you touch me and talk like this, I do not feel well, I will go if this work is not powerlessness me, but this work is not over priced myself. He told me I promise I will never say I feel about you and I’m not going to force you to feel what I feel, but you can not deny the truth, I have a request, please do not stop me from loving you. He goes.

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Poornima think and Rashmi came to speak to watch him very angry and used. He asks if she is not ready to party. Poornima says I do not care about the party, I was worried about Indrajeet, he changed because of Sapna, he says I love you on Holi.

Strange Love Wednesday 17th November 2021 Starlife Updated:Rashmi surprised and said Indrajeet always scold you for Sapna, now he will be bhabhi you, do not know what he’s going to teach him, he was not guilty. He said you always scold Sapna, when he became bhabhimu, he will take revenge, we can not do anything, because Ahilya bring it into this

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