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Strange Love Wednesday 29th December 2021:The Episode begins with Indrajeet asking the gatekeeper not to release anybody inside the home. Indrajeet, Astha and children are coming. Shlok messages Astha about on the off chance that she is coming for espresso. She answers she is out with children and Indrajeet, and apologizes. Apsara says she will go inside home, she works here and the watchman stops him. A few people fix cameras in his home. Indrajeet thinks he needs to illuminate Shlok that they came on cookout. He lets Shlok know that he squandered today, Barkha is with him. Shlok says day didn’t end, I will take Astha right from that point infront of your eyes.

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Indrajeet says time will say who is sure and who is arrogant. Shlok says appropriately said, be prepared. Indrajeet says I will be pausing and closes the call. He counts the day for his marriage and says

Shlok and his admonitions will crash and burn once is weds Astha, nobody can prevent Astha from turning into my Barkha. The watchman calls Indrajeet and says servant Kamla went inside the home. He expresses what, stop her. The watchman says fine.
Indrajeet says they are returning home and surges. He requests that she call Kamla. Apsara asks the ones who are they. Astha calls Apsara and inquires as to for what reason did she not go out when watchman said. Apsara says I m going, however a few men… the call closes. The gatekeeper brings Apsara out. Apsara thinks this is abnormal and she needs to illuminate Shlok. She comes outside the house and calls Shlok. She says Indrajeet took Astha and children out, and there was no program. He says OK, he called me as well. She says watch prevented me from heading inside, and when I went, I saw a few men coming out, I think its off-putting, Astha called me and requested that I leave the home. Shlok says I think its new preparation, let me know if there is anything.

Strange Love Wednesday 29th December 2021:Astha asks Indrajeet for what valid reason are we returning, kids became disturbed. Indrajeet says I advised electrical expert to accomplish the work, monitor said it was some short out issue, its our obligation to save Kamla. Astha says you didn’t tell me previously. He says I forgot in marriage courses of action. She says how might you fail to remember it. They get back home. Indrajeet reprimands Apsara and says assuming anything happened to you. Apsara says I went there, as I was drained coming from outside.

Sojal really looks at shirts and gets a little box from it. She asks Shlok for what valid reason is he stressed. He doesn’t says anything. She asks how is Astha. He says relax. She shows the container to him. He says I purchased present for Astha. She grins seeing the ring. Indrajeet sees Astha in live feed and comes to her, asking is she going anyplace. She says how could you know. He says I just came to take record. She says she will meet Megha. He says I will call Megha at home. She thinks what befallen him, he is acting bizarre.

Sojal asks how might he give her the gift. He says he will gift her. She says I trust Indrajeet sits idle. Shlok says its Astha’s birthday and I will wish her first. Indrajeet asks Astha for what reason did she not rest. She says I was not getting rest. Apsara considers Shlok and lets him know that Indrajeet emerged from Astha’s room, and I think he went to kids room. Shlok comes there and says fine. Indrajeet requests that the children rest, he was thinking that they are in room and they are here. He says he has a thought, will they hear a story from Astha. Mishti says she will be dozing now. He says no, she is alert, come she will recount a story. He gets the children to Astha and requests that she recount a story to them. Astha says however kids I have recounted every one of the tales, what would it be a good idea for me I tell now. He says fine, I will recount a story. Apsara calls Shlok and says Indrajeet took kids and went to Astha’s room, I don’t figure you should come. Shlok says fine, I know. Indrajeet tells about a strong ruler, he was generally excellent and … … . (quiet) The children grin. Indrajeet strolls to the window and sees Shlok. Shlok grins.

Indrajeet shuts the window. The children ask what happened then, at that point. Indrajeet says where was I, then, at that point, lord came to realize his priest isn’t great man, he has done robbery and ruler caused him to concede his reality… .. Mishti and Shantanu rest there and even Astha deceives rest. Indrajeet proceeds with the story and goes to see Shlok. He doesn’t track down him and closes the window. Shlok messages him that there is an unexpected treat for him in the corridor. Indrajeet goes there. Shlok comes to Astha and grins seeing her. He moves her hair strands and kisses on her temple. Khuda… … … … … … ..plays… … … … . Indrajeet gets Shlok’s letter that he came to wish and see Astha today, however tomorrow he will take Astha along to praise her birthday. He tears the letter out of resentment.

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Strange Love Wednesday 29th December 2021:Shlok gets back home and says extraordinary Sojal made Astha’s fav sheera. Varad says she made numerous things, yet how can she know. Sojal says she was with her for long time, she knows her preferences, and requests that Shlok take this for her. Shlok says fine, I need to go through the day with her. Indrajeet thinks he must be with Astha the entire day and keep her occupied. Astha asks does he not need to go office. He says he welcomed his companions home and demands her to make lunch for him. She says sure. He expresses gratitude toward her. She gets Shlok’s call. He asks would she be able to meet today. She says no, Indrajeet’s companions are coming out getting something to eat. He says I need to endowment of your decision. She says fine, I will meet in evening. He says fine and tells Varad that Indrajeet is keeping her occupied. Varad says he has woken up. Shlok says he has effectively get her far from Indrajeet, he will observe Astha’s birthday with her, he needs to do a certain something.

Shlok makes an arrangement and gets another vehicle. He takes Manya’s assistance and they leave.


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