Strange Love Wednesday 3rd November 2021 Starlife Update

Strange Love Sunday 5th December 2021
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Strange Love Wednesday 3rd November 2021:The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha having dinner as he makes a special noodles soup for him. They make each other have it. He serves coffee for her. He cleans her face.

Khuda…………………plays………….. She asks him to hold her hand. He holds her hand and they smile. Shlok and Astha dance. Saajna ve…………..plays………… She laughs and holds her ears to apologize. They hold hands. Chupke se aahista…………… iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………..plays………………

They have an eyelock. Saiyyan ve as raasta dikhade tu……………..plays……….. They dance romantically and smile. Astha hugs him. Shontu comes on terrace and is shocked seeing them. Astha sees Shontu and gets away from Shlok. Shlok gets puzzled and sees Shontu.

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They are shocked. Shlok says its not like you are understanding. Shontu says yes, I got your secret, don’t try to explain me, I can see everything.

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He says Ballu you are my real love guru, why did I not get you before, you proved today you are hero.

He says you are servant of this house, and you got a beautiful and educated girl, where are your feet, make me your student and teach me. Shlok says you helped us a lot, I will teach you everything, but on one condition, you won’t tell anyone about this.

Shontu agrees and says he won’t tell anyone, and asks him to do something that he gets a GF.

Astha signs Shlok and leaves. Shontu says I came here to find you, and now my fate will be blooming, do something till next valentine. Shlok says I will get your GF in one month, but you have to agree to me. Shontu agrees. Shlok says seal your mouth and don’t say anything.

Strange Love Wednesday 3rd November 2021:Avdhoot asks Kalindi about Ankush, did anything happen to him, why does he not sit for breakfast with us. Kalindi says I don’t know, he does not answer me. Ankush comes and sits with them.

Mala serves him food and he scolds her for touching his hand, maybe she loves him, he does not love her. Kalindi asks him to talk to Mala with respect.

Ankush speaks ill about Mala. Avdhoot says stop it, she loves you. He scolds Ankush. Ankush says I will leave, you all do this useless family drama. Kalindi goes being annoyed.

Shlok makes kids ready. Mishti asks him to make her hairstyle plait. Shlok says he will get her breakfast and goes. Shantanu and Mishti plan not to go school and spoil the face.

Shlok comes back and Astha signs him to watch her and make the plaits. Shlok sees Astha and makes the hair plaits. He says have food soon. Shantanu refuses to go school. Shlok asks them to have milk.

He asks them to say bye to everyone. Anjali waits for Niranjan. Niranjan comes home and she asks where did he go. He says he went to take tender form, we will be in business again.

He says we always lived a luxurious life. She says life gets up and downs, we should not get weak. She asks him not to worry and holds him. he says you always give me strength and holds her hand thanking her for being through good and bad times in his life.

Kalindi cries and Ajju comes to her. Kalindi shares her worry for Ankush, did she do wrong supporting Astha, will her plan get flop. Ajju says calm down, time is mighty, and makes everything fine. She says it will be fine, good things happen with good people.

Mala thinks if she stays here, Ankush will be annoyed with her, the truth is I m the reason for all this.

Astha says Shlok did not dream he can make plaits. Ahilya asks where is she going. Astha says my room. Ahilya asks did your work end. Astha says yes.

Strange Love Wednesday 3rd November 2021:Ahilya says its Indrajeet’s meeting and you need to give his clothes, I know he will be worried to choose the dress, go and help him. Astha goes. Ahilya thinks Astha does good work, but I have to explain her, I feel she can fill colors in Indrajeet’s colorless life.

Shlok says he will take kids along to cross the road. Shantanu disagrees and runs, leaving Mishti on the road. She falls and cries. Shantanu worries seeing a vehicle come towards her.


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