Strange Love Wednesday 6th October 2021-Starlife Update

Strange Love Saturday 4th December 2021
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Strange Love Wednesday 6th October 2021-Starlife Update The episode starts with sojal seeing Kavya mud clothes. He got Hanky ​​where Anjali made him for him and thought how Kavya got this. Kavya came and said he did his homework, can I sleep now. Sojal asked him who gave you this Hanky. Kavya said Aaji, and Sojal was surprised. He asked if he met him. Kavya said the AAJI ASHRAM.

Sojal said you missed him, we will leave tomorrow morning there, a holiday for you. Kavya sleeps. Sojal reminded the previous incident and thought that Anjali gave him to him, but how, when Kavya was always with me, if Kavya met him, how I did not see it, Jaya always told me to focus on Kavya, I also felt that it might be in the ashram. Apsara talked to himself and said Shlok Ji, I couldn’t be far from you. Asta and Shlok came home. Astha went to make food for her.

Apsara thinks Shlok will not take him in his arms, so this oil will make him slip and fall in his arm, as shown in the series. He placed oil and acted like a decline. Shlok hugged him and there was a stupid eye lock. Asta came and was surprised to see them. Apsara left. Asta asked Apsara whether he was injured, a good Shlok came at the right time and hugged him, otherwise, he would fall. He mocked apsara and smiled.

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Asta saw Shlok and they both laughed. He said we had money, would we shift. He said yes, don’t be afraid of Apsara, but to get aai here. He hugged Shlok. Anjali took care of his mother and said he would take care of a doctor tomorrow. His mother said he was worried that Shlok would get a job and call you immediately, then what about us. Anjali said we would bring my parents.

Her mother says I want you with your son and shoulders, Shlok needs you a lot. Matron said they would be happy because he would go to his children. Asta and Shlok come to Chowksi and Rekha. Shlok says we want to see a new house. Rekha asks why, what apsara does anything. Asta said no. Chowki asks why you want to shift, they won’t leave my house if you leave. Shlok said we wanted to call our Aai here, because we got money and the food truck worked well, we wanted AAI to come and stay with us.

Strange Love Wednesday 6th October 2021-Starlife Update Asta said we wanted you to give us a new home, one month and aai away from us. Chowki apologized and said everyone had to think of mom first. He said even he had to meet their Ipsum. He said two houses would be emptied in two days and I would show it to you, but I was selfish, I would show a house nearby because I would miss you two. Asta thanks her for all their support and even they get used to them. He said you also met Aai, he loved me very much, he really loved me. SHLOK smiles.

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Sojal said he would go to the ashram and find out. Jaya came to him and asked why he was talking to himself. Sojal shared his doubts about Anjali in Ashram. Jaya said great, when I say this to you, you scold me. Sojal says alright, leave it, tell me what I have to do now. Jaya asked him to go and find out in the ashram, and go drink dry milk. Sojal leaves with Kavya. Asta told Shlok that he wanted to tell Aai that we shifted. Shlok nodded yes and smiled. Asta called Anjali and said the good news, we thought of moving home soon, her work went well.

Shlok saw an old woman carrying a lot of heavy bags and going to help her. Asta asked Anjali to package her bag, and they would immediately bring her. Anjali became happy. Apsara saw Shlok helping old women and smiles.

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Strange Love Wednesday 6th October 2021-Starlife Update He imagined himself carrying a heavy bag and Shlok came to help him. Shlok said sweet lines and asked him to give him a burden to him, and praise his beauty, ask him to call him for any work, and he could do anything for him. He caressed his hand and he smiled. He caressed the hands of the Saree Stall vendor while his eyes were closed. Asta and everyone laughed at the apsara. Shanta came there and was surprised. He defeated Apsara

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