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Strange Love Tuesday 30th November 2021 Starlife:The episode begins with thinking about the ridicule neighboring Mala and depressing. Ajju asked him not to worry about their mockery. Mala said she was sad for them, they always support him and he could not do anything. Kalindi say do not bother with them, I feel sad as they say about you, but we gave them a good reply. Mala asked him to always be the same.

Asthma Indrajeet called and asked him to sign the letters sent by the client, the office boy stood up and she had to send it back. Indrajeet sign the papers and she was worried that she should not see the license lockers. Shlok pursue Ahilya and watched her go to her room. He watched, while Astha take signs Indrajeet.

Shlok ask Shontu to fetch water and go, he knows to do his job. He viewed Ahilya keep the key and did not look at the right place. He thought to find it. Indrajeet ask for water. Astha become tense and went to get water. He gave water and Shlok message.

asked how many more pages and angry. Astha hope Shlok see where Ahilya store keys. Shlok brought coffee and sign Astha. Children come and ask Indrajeet to remove it and insisted. Astha make talks more dense to make Indrajeet busy and sign the final papers.

He got up and said yes, it was finished, I took the papers, I know the urgency. Children make Indrajeet pick it up and he asked them to be quiet. He signed the papers and threw the pen. She said she would take it, they should not interfere when he did the job. Astha check for signs and says Mr. Indrajeet Sarkar, you sign the papers your destruction.

Anjali talking to Pandit to set Udhyapan Puja and tell Kavita that he was doing this for her happiness, like a temple curtain moved. Kavita go. Ahilya said the world is still beautiful and you have full rights to leave, you are still in memory that should be forgotten, and reminiscent of ridicule. He says he will destroy Niranjan.

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Strange Love Tuesday 30th November 2021 Starlife: Mala told everyone that Ankush does not come until now and did not even call. Ankush home drunk and asked Mala to not upset, it was not his fault, his friends insisted. He apologized to Mala. Avdhoot asked for Kalindi not to talk to Ankush, he will speak in the morning. He said he would drop to his room. Mala said I would take him. Ankush say goodnight to everyone and go. Ahilya giving money to Pandit as Dakshina her and thank her. Kavita thanks Ahilya to keep the puja.

Ahilya said it was not completed until now and asked him to invite his friend, he met in the Temple, because it gives prasad. Kavita said fine. Ahilya say you like to talk to him, he is your friend, you should call him and great for distributing prasad, if you have the number. Kavita said yes, but he did not want to talk to everyone after what happened at the Temple.

Ahilya says he takes you, he is very good. Anjali pray to Bappa for Kavya results and told Niranjan that he would go to the temple to pray. He said he had a meeting imp and asked him to pray. He did his tilak and hope for the best. He says he is lucky to have a wife like her, a bad time will soon go and promised he would give him a lot of happiness, even Shlok said she would get it all back and it will be happiness.

She cried and hugged him, told him to forget the old things as he did, his happiness is to him and his family, he just wanted his support and he always gave her more than she had hoped, do not think about the past and I assure you. He asked her to go to meet. He looked at her and she smiled, sending it went. He looked at her again, and left smiling.

Strange Love Tuesday 30th November 2021 Starlife: Kavya Sojal ran and asked him to stop. He says he will take the results and come kavya. They go. Anjali pray for the peace of the family. Ahilya call Anjali and make kavita speak. Kavita speak well and invited her home, if she was free

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