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Surrender In Love Friday 31st December 2021;Chahat answers that she heard Naveli conversing with her beau that they will flee however when she got close to the well somebo ad a go at choking her, she focuses at Baleq, Neil is stunned to see that it is Baleq so asks him why is he here.
Some time before Chahat is in her room believing that Naveli will meet her sweetheart later some time so she will observe reality with regards to her beau as she feels he is utilizing her, Sunita is with Naveli who expresses gratitude toward her for the assistance as if not Godambari would have scrutinized her, Sunita specifies that she is dependably prepared to do whatever she can for her, Sunita makes reference to that soon everybody will rest so she would have the chance to flee so should not allow anybody to stop him, she takes out a blade and is resolved that she would not allow anybody to stop her, Sunita leaves imagining that it is genuinely said that individuals get self centered in affection.

Viyas jee gives Neil a gold chain disclosing that he needs to introduce it as a gift to the room since it is their custom that the sibling of the lady of the hour needs to gift something, Neil asks for what reason did he burned through such a lot of cash since he personally has some work which is working truly and he has large chunk of change for the present in view of his supplications and the hardwork, but Viyas jee makes reference to that it isn’t anything to stress over, then, at that point, strolls about referencing that Jamuna would be truly stressed over the cost of the wedding so he should illuminate him that Naveli is a little girl of this house so they would be the one to bear all the cost as though he is the one to prompt him, Jamuna would affably decrease. Neil concurs guaranteeing him that he would converse with Jamuna.

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Surrender In Love Friday 31st December 2021: Naveli imagines that everybody would be snoozing at this point so she should leave, she can’t open the entryway, she gets stressed reasoning what has occurred later which he gets truly apprehensive, Chahaht ahs locked the entryway and figures that she can’t allow Naveli to flee with the individual who is engaged with the killing of Saraswati so she needs to track down reality
Viyas jee stops Neil who says that Saraswati additionally used to stop him and does he need to say that he ought to stay legitimate and function admirably for the capacity, Viyas jee quits saying that it isn’t true as he has something for him, he provides him with a present of a kurta, Viyas jee specifies that Saraswati used to let him know that Neil cherished the dress so he brought it as a gift, Neil can’t really accept that that his dad has brought a gift, Viyas jee makes reference to that he has attempted to introduce a gift which has never done, Neil can’t handle himself and embraces Viyas jee, he likewise gets enthusiastic then rememwebring all when he was applauded by his dad, later the embrace Neil withdraws disclosing that he needs to show the gift to somebody.

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Chahat is strolling in the lobby, she stops at the entryway the strolls outside of the house.
Neil is continually calling Chahat disclosing that he needs to show her the kurta which Viyas jee introduced him as a gift, he goes to the room where the hanging of Chahat’s mom falls, he sees the time and understands that it was equivalent to in the fantasy so it very well may be the Chahat is in some difficult situation.
Chahat is at the well reasoning that she is just supplicating that Naveli’s sweetheart accepts that she is Naveli and comes nearer to her then she will actually want to know his personality, Baleq fights against eminent loss and covers her face with a fabric, he begins choking her reasoning that she likewise came in his direction like Saraswati so he is heading to kill her very much like his better half.
He is choking Chahat when Neil digs out from a deficit with a bat and hits him in the head so he gets oblivious, he helps Chahat quiet herself down, he causes her to sit and she is experiencing issues breathing, he embraces her inquisitive assuming she is OK, he requests that she not stress as he is with her, he shouts that he found in his fantasy that something awful was going on to her so he came to help her.
Ghazala is in the room believing that both Chahat and Neil are not in the room, she in the wake of seeing the time goes to Naveli and is stunned to see that the entryway is locked from outside, she asks Naveli what is she doing in the room as she feels that it very well may be the activities of Chahat, Naveli imagines that assuming Chahat has gone to the well and discovers reality identifying with Baleq then all that will be demolished so she would need to illuminate her.

Surrender In Love Friday 31st December 2021: Neil helps Chahat standing, Naveli considers calling Baleq so when the telephone rings he awakens and I stunned to see that it is Chahat in the garments of Naveli, he goes about as though he is oblivious, Neil asks Chahat what is she doing, she notices of how she heard Naveli conversing with her beau that they would run so when she came somebody attempted to choke her, she focuses at Baleq, Neil is stunned to see that it is Baleq.
Baleq awakens shouting that he couldn’t stop Naveli, he asks Chahat why is she here in the garments of Naveli, he said that he thought Naveli was attempting to flee when he saw her and felt that Chahat was correct, he considered covering her in a material and returning her to the house, Neil apologizes to Baleq.He goes to Chahat asking her when might she quit accepting that Naveli is running with her sweetheart, He calls Naveli who is resting and discloses that he hit the sack early so she can new examine the capacity, Chahat is persuaded that she heard Naveli intending to flee, Naveli faults Chahat of wrongly blaming her, Chahat clarifies that she heard her conversing with her beau that she would uncover reality with regards to MahShrivatri.

Precap: Neil goes to a sitting man as a bum that he is the person who takes cash, the man gets up referencing that he was sitting covert and illuminates his unrivaled that he has gotten the Muslim young lady and the Hindu kid who fled from them, so would it be a good idea for him he illuminate their folks, this shocks both Chahat and Neil.


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