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Surrender In Love Thursday 30th December 2021: Viyas asks where she observed it, Chahat clarifies that she observed the Rakhi by the trash bin, everybody is stunned to hear it, Viyas says that the last Rakhi of Saraswati for Neil was found close to the trash bin, Viyas ponders who might have done it, Jamuna makes reference to that Godambari tidied up the room of Saraswati the last time, Viyas becomes truly irate with her referencing that this is the regard which has for the girl of the house Godambari attempts to clarify that it occurred accidentally, Viyas says that Saraswati isn’t just present with them in live structure however her recollections live on, he declares that Godambari will keep a quick till tomorrow.
Godambari says that she won’t keep the quick and will eat as they are not workers to comply with any order that he gives, Jamuna attempts to clarify that it was her issue and she is the one to be accused, she blows up then getting up questions why he let them know that she tidied up the room and as such he should keep the quick. Jamuna orders Naveli to proceed to tie the Rakhi on Neil’s hand as he will be missing Saraswati today, Godambari stops her truism that assuming she goes to Neil, she will end it all.
Neil is in his room taking a gander at the Rakhi he feels that she always remembered to tie the Rakhi anyway he couldn’t secure her thus guarantees that he will forever care for the Rakhi and furthermore render retribution from the individuals who killed her. He is attempting to tie it yet can’t do it then, at that point, inclines toward the table and starts crying.

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Surrender In Love Thursday 30th December 2021 : Chahat is on the corridor imagining that that Qanthi would be pretty much as significant as the supplication of Zahur on Friday, she hears Neil crying then, at that point, considers how she can deal with assistance him as he is feeling the loss of his sister, she takes out her wristband then, at that point, shouts that despite the fact that that it is broken she could never release it as the wristband has the recollections of the family, Neil additionally adheres to hr guidance and afterward is at last ready to attach the Rakhi to his hand utilizing the elastic band, he gets truly charmed later it, Chahat leaves.
Chahat is in the yard believing that she doesnot how to tie a Qanthi and miracles that she has tackled the issue of Neil yet what would she be able to do about the Qanthi, she petitions Allah to send somebody to her assistance.
She sees that Godambari has additionally come out on the patio then, at that point, considers how she will manage her remaining over her, Godambari inquires as to whether she has made the Qanthi to which Chahat says that she will do it as quickly as time permits, Godambari clarifies that even lions turn out in the evening so she better rush. Neil comes to her, Godambari shouts that he has come to help Chahat, he rejects saying that he came to just quiet down gollu, Godambari says that he has not seen her face till now, Neil shouts that he wants to yet can’t thus she should hold gollu and he will recount to her a story later which she will quiet down,

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He sits on the edge and starts recounting the story. He lets the title know that a sign is enough for the smart, Chahat can’t comprehend the title, he starts recounting to the story that there was a princess who name was shezwan kumari and who killed a creature thus the lord restricted her later which she started living in the woodland, he in his story clarify the whole strategy by which she can make a Qanthi, when he closes his story both gollu and Godambari are sleeping. She is pleased that she had the option to make a Qanthi.
Viyas jee is in the house she gives him the Qanthi later which he says that she should introduce it to Ganesh in the Mandir and furthermore apologize from him for killing any residing as though they can’t give life so for what reason would it be a good idea for them they take it, she heads to the mandir and he subsequent to halting her shouting that she should quit being apprehensive all things considered in the existence of a human to commit errors yet they ought not recurrent them of all time.

He leaves and when she is going to go in the Mandir Neil descends, she says that assuming she goes to the mandir it would be insolent so he ought to get it done, she additionally says thanks to him for aiding her and he expresses gratitude toward her for aiding him,
He heads into the Mandir shouting that the mouse didn’t kick the bucket as he saw it running by the kitchen, she gets frantic inquiring as to for what reason did he not illuminate Viyas jee about it, he says that he didn’t illuminate her since he truly enjoys when she is rebuffed, Chahat becomes distraught and begins yelling to which he stops her clarifying that he is supplicating.

Surrender In Love Thursday 30th December 2021: Chahat sees somebody outside the house and when goes there sees a container, she understands that it is from her dad who is as yet alive, she can’t get what to do, Godambari comes and thinks that it has a place with her as it would have the belt which Naveli had requested, she takes it from Chahat and leaves, yet Chahat believes that it may contain some letter from her dad and assuming Godambari peruses it she would come to know about her reality, Chahat rushes to stop Godambari however sees that it is just Nath, Chahat says that she just needs the case yet Godambari says that she would not give her even a solitary gem so she should quit considering it. Godambari secures it in the closet, Chahat considers how she could get to it.

Precap: Chahat inquires as to whether she supplies the wooden boxes to the gem dealers, she looks for the name of the individual who made it, Shiswativ says that she needs to pay her 50,000 rupees, Chahat takes them from the storage, Baleq informed Viyas jee that they have been ransacked, Viyas jee specifies that he gave Chahat 100,000 rupees, Chahat doesnot get what to do.


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