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Surrender In Love Wednesday 29th December 2021: Viyas jee orders that Chahat eliminate her shroud as there isn’t anything of that sort in their family since they are not acclimated, Neil comes in the middle of exactly when she is going to turn, he puts Bindi and when she inquires as to why he did it, he specifies that it is on the grounds that the picture taker ought not see her face, Neil says that they would posture and he can take the photographs, then, at that point, he is approached to fix up as there ought to be some photographs which they can put on the divider.
Godambari and Naveli come referencing that he should snap the picture of the whole family as he has taken enough of them both, she calls every one of them, the photographic artist asks Viyas for what good reason is he feeling so left out in light of the fact that is there somebody who is coming up soon, Baleq specifies that there is nobody however at that point Chahat leaves clarifying that she will return, Godambari says to Naveli that assuming they are late by even a second Viyas jee admonishes them yet he said nothing when Chahat left from between them, she returns with a photograph of Saraswati inquiring as to whether they are feeling alright now, Viyas specifies that their family is currently finished and the photograph is taken.

Neil says that his arrangement of Bindi was effective as the picture taker didn’t perceive her, she sees that Jamuna and the photographic artist are checking out her and seeing the camera, she makes reference to that the peril is still there as the two of them are taking a gander at her, they come to them all when they are in the corridor, Jamuna specifies that the photographic artist has a comment concerning Chahat, Viyas asks what he needs to say, jamuna specifies that the photographic artist feels that she can turn into a model and they can place her photograph in the schedule of their production line, Viyas says that he ought to say nothing for their family since they have a place with the most regarded group of the town and they can’t act like model, the photographic artist looks for his statement of regret and leaves.

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Surrender In Love Wednesday 29th December 2021: Naveli is extremely disappointed with her mom referencing that she ought to never choose any garments for Chahat as it was a result of her decision that the photographic artist felt she could be a model in any event, when it wants to turn into a model since she was a youngster. Godambari specifies that she ought not be irate with her as it was not her shortcoming.
In the corridor Viyas Jee is holding the photograph of Saraswati and notices that Chahat was the one in particular who could perceive the amount he was feeling the loss of her and she understood it by examining his eyes, he additionally makes reference to that she can assume liability in any event, when the elderly folks are off-base, she moreover can supress any grave matter with her benevolent words and these characteristics improve her than any other individual, he cites a truism and clarifying it says that she ought to never change how she is for anybody, he takes out his memento and presents it as a badge of appreciation referencing that she should accept it as she is the little girl of this house. Chahat sees a mouse and pursuing it with a pole kills it without realizing that they can’t kill it as mouse was the ride of Ganesh and they are Brahman and they can’t kill it, Baleq likewise says that equivalent referencing that how might she do it, Godambari specifies that she would be rebuffed and would need to lift the sculpture of Ganesh on her head while surrounding the house multiple times.

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Viyas is truly irate while Godambari proceeds to bring the sculpture of Ganesh referencing that she should take it up on her head and circle the house, Chahat ponders that she has let with regards to it a few seconds ago yet how might she talk about it, she looks for absolution from Allah concerning what she is going to do as she is just doing it as a discipline, Viyas stops her referencing that she can’t accept the Statue as she has recently killed and until she makes a Qanthi she can’t return into the house before he leaves.
Chahat is going to leave anyway Godambari says that she should initially take the mouse which she has killed, Neil makes reference to that she was attempting to satisfy Viyas jee anyway everything went to no end and presently she can’t make a Qanthi so he is resting.

Ghazala is putting on cosmetics referencing that she had additionally forget hw it looked like and it has happened as a result of the crate which Dr Baig made, he comes requesting it, she says that she has sold it and given the cash as a sadqah for Chahat, she needs that he make a greater amount of them as the more they give as Sadqah the better, Dr Baig likewise concurs.
Chahat strolls outside considering what a Qanthi is as she has never known about it, she sees a heap of trash and thinks about how might somebody can toss them very much like it, she is going to get them then, at that point, understands that one of the letter is for Neil from Saraswati who had given him a Rakhi thus she heads to give it to him.
She goes to the window where she sees that Neil is with the photograph of Saraswati and she clarifies that she has something which has a place with him thus now he can pay attention to her, then, at that point, she thinks about an arrangement and hits him with rocks, but Neil doesnot tune in.

Surrender In Love Wednesday 29th December 2021: Godambari comes outside and seeing Chahat believes that she has come to look for help from Neil, she calls to Chahat shouting that she can head inside and look for his assistance as he is the main, Chahat heads into the room where Neil is singing a melody, he doesnot pay attention to her so she puts the envelope on the table, similarly as she is going to leave Viyas jee comes in and is furious to see her inquiring as to whether Chahat has made the Qanthi, Chahat is stunned to see Godambari then, at that point, anxiously asks her what she implied.
Viyas jee blows up saying that Neil ought to illuminate his significant other that nobody the house conflicts with his orders, Godambari says that she ought to get discipline for what she has done, jamuna stops him referencing that assuming Chahat returned into the house it would have an explanation then, at that point, asks her.
Chahat takes the envelope to Neil referencing that it is from Saraswati as her last Rakhi to Neil, he takes it and understands that she is coming clean, Viyas jee asks where she observed it, she specifies that she observed it by the trash bin.

Precap: Chahat sees somebody outside the house, then, at that point, when she arrives at the door there is nobody there, she sees the case understanding that it resembles her dad so feels that he may have send it for her.


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