The Characteristic Of Highly Effective Learning Environment.

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The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment

A good learning environment is one that is conducive and comfortable both for the student and for the tutors.

Both must be in a balanced position for learning to be approved.

This is because teaching and learning are both difficult, this is why both cannot be neglected in selecting an effective learning environment.

The classroom has been rated a very effective learning environment during our primary school days.

But lately, it was discovered that the classroom is not the most outstanding learning environment.

I embarked on this post to share The Characteristic Of a Highly Effective Learning Environment.

It cannot be denied fact that teaching cannot be effective if there is no student to learning.

And learning cannot be effective without teachers to teach, to this effect that they both work hand in hand to ensure a good learning process.

This is to say that teachers and students work together to ensure that learning is made effective.

What is learning?

Learning is the conducive ability to copy, understand, make use of, generate. It is the act of copying, making use of, and generating ideas from what you learn from a person called the teacher.

What is teaching?

Teaching is the process of transferring knowledge from what you know into somebody else who does not have the knowledge.

It is the process by which we can impact someone’s life.

The issue of teaching and learning are the main keys the world is revolving on right from time immemorial.

Knowledge was transferred from one place to another one of the reasons why it should be giving good attention.

Ideas were transferred from our old fathers who inculcated morals:

Great philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato have students under them because learning was very important to them.

We are what we seem to be today is because there were men who taught us things we never knew.

Learning is like an inheritance it is transferred from one generation to another why it has more value.

It is now tagged education.

Because of the validity of learning, I embarked on writing this post The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

They include:

Good and conducive structures:

Because of the quest to get a very good and conducive structure for learning.

People started building schools with good structures.

It is also of The Characteristics a highly effective learning environment.

Schools are sited in a good environment and good structures are made for school.

This is the reason you see schools with large buildings.

An effective learning environment should be one that has all the necessary structures, buildings, and facilities to ensure effective learning.

Conducive and calm environment.

Having an effective learning environment simply entails building good schools which are sited in the conducive environment this is because learning is very difficult and teaching as well.

It is very unfortunate that here in Nigeria people build schools in noisy environments and this affects the learning process.

A good school should not be sited.

Is it is very abhorring to know that the educational society also approves those schools’ built-in tight corners?

Strategic positions:

Schools are built on strategic positions where they’re a lot of resources this one of the reasons why of the way universities are built in revering environment because of resource which can be used to carry out research work.

It is one of The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

Balanced classroom:

A good school building should be one that has a balanced and conducive classroom because the students who came to learn must be comfortable before they can even get to listen to the jargon you have to teach them. This is one of The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.


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Good recreational grounds:

All work without play they say makes Jack a dull boy this is because the recreation grounds is where student ease of their stress when the brain is tensed.

This is one of The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment..

Good ease-out facility:

Teachers are well respected and this is why they are regarded as major keys to successful learning.

The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

If a teacher can’t be comfortable this means that the cant is free to treat you well.

This is one of the major characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

What is communication?

Good communication among the students:

Communication is the act of sharing, interacting a giving, information’s from one person to another to one is the sender to the other is the receiver.

When good communication and learning are activated effective learning will be obtained.

In a school where a good communication channel is learning becomes very easy.

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Assessment is regular:

According to The Characteristic Of Highly Effective Learning Environment, A school which result are not issued at the end of the year, there won’t be any form of competition that is to say that learning will definitely get bored and most student why they come to school looking so serious is that they want to carry first and second.

This is one of The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

For transparency, intellectuality, comfortability, improvement can be obtained on the process of learning certain things must be conducted and The Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.

Learning never ends you learn almost everywhere in school, in church, in organizations workplace.

I will gladly say that learning never ends and education is the key and Characteristics of a highly effective learning environment. Is the target of every school?


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