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The Eyes Of Love Starlife tells the story of Nandini is begrudged by her stepmother and stepsister who put her through difficult
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The Eyes Of Love Starlife tells the story of Nandini is begrudged by her stepmother and stepsister who put her through difficulties. Notwithstanding, her life takes a turn after she gets hitched to Darsh, a rich and outwardly impeded financial specialist.

The Eyes Of Love Full Plot

The story starts with Darsh Rawal getting an honor for his visual abilities at an occasion in Paris. Notwithstanding being denied his visual perception, Darsh has astonishing photography abilities. He can detect and envision the total world through his psyche, and never allows his handicap to cut him down. Yet, soon, his mom Rajvi becomes worried about his marriage. Somewhere else in Dwarka, Nandini Rawal plans for her sister Bansuri’s marriage, however, is trapped in a tempest close to the ocean harbor. Darsh puts his life in danger and saves Nandini.

The Eyes Of Love Cast Starlife

Bansuri’s planned mother by marriage, Vanlata, then requests enormous amounts of cash and an assortment of different gifts as share from Nandini for her sister’s wedding. Lying about mentioning a clothes washer, Vanlata powers Nandini to go with her sister as a family partner until she gets one. Somewhere else, Rajvee has a get-together to observe Darsh’s prosperity and homecoming to Dwarka following three years, But he is offended by certain visitors for being unfit. Rajvee turns out to be extremely tense after paying attention to him and commitments to find a reasonable lady of the hour for her child in 30 days, who might generously acknowledge him with every one of his deficiencies.

Rajvee fixes Darsh’s marriage with Tosha, yet the collusion couldn’t work out. Because of a misconception, Rajvee takes a detesting to Nandini and requests that she leave Dwarka while Darsh succumbs to Nandini. Rajvee fixes his marriage with his lifelong companion, Nirali, uninformed that she is as of now hitched to Aman (Raakla). After both Tosha and Nirali’s reality is uncovered, Rajvee begins preferring Nandini. Darsh concedes that he has gone gaga for Nandini and Rajvee goes to demand Nandini’s hand for marriage. Vanlata at first insults her and declines however later consents to Darsh and Nandini’s marriage relying on the prerequisite that Shobhit needs to wed Gunjan. Rajvee argues to Shobhit who gladly seizes the opportunity to make up for himself for causing Darsh’s visual impairment. Rajvee and Shobhit rejoin. While Darsh and Nandini’s sentiment blends, Gunjan insults Shobhit and exploits his consideration.

Realizing that Darsh generally believed his wedding should happen in Goa, Nandini tells Rajvee and relieves the family to leave for Goa for the weddings. On the big day, Nandini is hijacked by Mohan who endeavored to wed her however she get away. Namrata misleads Shamika about Nandini and persuades her to sit in Nandini’s place. Nonetheless, Darsh acknowledges she isn’t Nandini passing on Rajvee to defy the family for taking such a choice without her insight. Nandini gets back to the mandapa and the two weddings continue.

During the marriage ceremonies, Charmi tells Darsh in confidential that Nandini let Rajvee know that she will wed Darsh provided that Shobhit weds Gunjan. Darsh vapor with outrage and promises to seek retribution on Nandini, neither mindful that Vanlata had kept the arrangement without Nandini’s information. Shobhit in the mean time commitments to make a break among Darsh and Nandini for demolishing his opportunity to wed Charmi, ignorant that Darsh as of now loathes Nandini in light of the misconception.

Before long the Rawals witness Darsh and Nandini battle and realize the reason why he can’t stand Nandini. Rajvee takes areas of strength for a for Nandini and lets him know that Vanlata was behind it and Nandini knew nothing. Darsh attempts to apologize for destroying her life, however she leaves and gets back to her town in Okha. While Darsh pursues her to win her back, Shobhit is left crushed when he discovers that Charmi has kicked the bucket.

Regardless of his endeavors to win her back, Nandini won’t get back with him. Bansuri and Rajvee make an arrangement because of which Nandini is compelled to get back to the Rawals. She consents to function as Darsh’s collaborator until she repays the wedding costs. Darsh meets Ritesh, who Shobhit plans to use to isolate Darsh and Nandini. He intentionally makes Darsh question Nandini and Ritesh’s relationship, in any event, venturing to get pictures taken outside any connection to the issue at hand. The family goes up against Nandini for selling out Darsh, who is left shattered and leaves the Rawals.

Charmi is uncovered to be alive and stands up to Shobhit for his malicious goals against Darsh and Nandini. Stunned and left feeling remorseful, he admits to the family about Nandini’s guiltlessness and her unexpected activity to recover Darsh’s visual perception. He leaves with Darsh to track down Nandini. Then again, Nandini observes a lethal auto crash and endeavors to help the travelers during which she drops her handbag and telephone. Shobhit arrives at the mishap spot and misjudges that the departed lady is Nandini. As Darsh goes through his activity, the Rawals are left crushed with the insight about Nandini’s accepted downfall and choose to conceal it from Darsh while Nandini embraces Vini who accepts she is her mom.

after 13 days
Nandini brings up Vini as her girl and promises to take care of the advance that Jhunjhunwala has acquired with interest. While Shobhit and Gunjan live independently, arrangements for Nandini’s terahvin start at the Rawal house. Darsh chooses to head home a day sooner than anticipated as he wants to meet Nandini. This leaves the Rawals stunned and unfit to play out Nandini’s terahvin. Darsh eliminates his eye fixes and expects Charmi to be Nandini. Later Darsh arrives at Porbandar to say thanks to Mr. Jhunjhunwala and Darsh feels that Charmi isn’t Nandini which he knew yet persuades himself regarding such. Later Darsh perceives the genuine Nandini and faces Rajvee for concealing reality. He likewise understands that Rajvee advised Charmi to profess to be Nandini, and was stunned. Rajvee was informed that they did the last rituals of Nandini. In any case, much to her dismay that Nandini was alive and she saw her two days sooner. Darsh breaks all binds with Rajvee and hurries to Nandini. He admits his adoration to Nandini and both rejoin. Rajvee gets wounded and Darsh gets captured. later it gets uncovered that Gunjan wounded Rajvee, Rajvee gets cognizant and Darsh is delivered. Charmi gets fixated on Darsh and needs to eliminate Nandini from his life.

Nandini went over a lady named Toral, who is insane. After Toral goes into Rawals’ home, Rajvee began to get unreliable. Then again, Charmi kills Gunjan. After a progression of occasions Charmi gets captured and Toral is uncovered to be Namrata’s organic mother, who was confessed to an emotional well-being organization for treatment quite a while back. Vipul weds Rajvee with the goal that Darsh can get a mother. Nandini is uncovered to be pregnant and the show closes on a blissful note.

Brief Information and Details on The Eyes Of Love Starlife.
Sort: Drama
First Episode: thirteenth June 2022
Absolute number of episodes:191
Absolute quantities of the time: One
Channel: StarLife Africa
Network: Star Plus Tv
Unique name: Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil
Schedule opening: Monday – Sunday 5 pm (CAT)

Principal Casts, Real Names, and Picture of The Eyes Of Love
Vijayendra Kumeria as Darsh Rawal – Toral and Vipul’s child; Rajvi’s progression child; Shobhit and Namrata’s stepbrother; Nandini’s significant other; Vini’s supportive dad
Richa Rathore as Nandini Rawal – Bansuri’s sister; Darsh’s better half; Vini’s supportive mother
Aditi Rathore as Dr. Charmi – Shobhit’s ex-life partner; Darsh’s over the top darling
Narayani Shastri as Rajvi Vipul Rawal – Vipul’s subsequent spouse; Namrata and Shobhit’s mom; Darsh’s progression mother
Saurabh Agarwal as Vipul Rawal – Keshav’s senior child; Chetan’s sibling; Toral and Rajvi’s better half; Namrata, Darsh and Shobhit’s dad
Sucheta Khanna as Toral Vipul Rawal – Vipul’s most memorable spouse; Darsh’s mom
Abhishek Verma as Shobhit Rawal – Rajvi and Vipul’s more youthful child; Namrata’s more youthful sibling; Darsh’s relative; Charmi’s ex; Gunjan’s better half
Miloni Kapadia as Gunjan Parekh Rawal – Naveen’s little girl; Shobhit’s significant other
Renee Dhyani/Vaishnavi Dhanraj/Kshitisha Soni as Namrata Rawal Desai – Rajvi and Vipul’s little girl; Shobhit’s senior sister; Darsh’s stepsister; Aatish’s significant other
Ankit Gulati as Aatish Desai – Namrata’s significant other
Bharat Pahuja as Keshav Rawal – Vipul and Chetan’s dad; Namrata, Darsh and Shobhit’s granddad
Pankit Thakker as Chetan Rawal – Keshav’s more youthful child; Vipul’s sibling; Parul’s significant other
Saee Barve as Parul Rawal – Chetan’s significant other
Mahi Soni as Vini Rawal – Ishani’s little girl; Darsh and Nandini’s embraced little girl
Ashish Kulkarni as Naveen Parekh – Bansuri’s significant other; Gunjan’s dad
Revati Lele as Bansuri Parekh – Nandini’s sister; Naveen’s significant other
Purvi Vyas as Vanlata Parekh – Naveen’s mom
Ayaz Ahmed as Aman – Nirali’s significant other
Ketki Kadam as Nirali: Darsh’s cherished companion and ex-life partner
Abigail Jain as Shamika: Darsh’s previous sweetheart.

Varun Sharma as Dr. Ritesh Barot: Nandini’s cherished companion
Cart Chawla as Neetika: Darsh’s previous life partners

Real Names, and Picture of The Eyes Of Love

Vijayendra Kumeria as Darsh Rawal

Vijayendra Kumeria as Darsh Rawal

Aditi Rathore as Dr. Charmi:

Aditi Rathore as Dr. Charmi

Narayani Shastri as Rajvi Vipul Rawal

Narayani Shastri as Rajvi Vipul Rawal


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