The frontliners Friday 1st October 2021-Starlife Update

The Frontliners Wednesday 5th October 2021 Update
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 The frontlines Friday 1st October 2021-Starlife Update The episode starts with an angry NV. He remembered Ishani’s phrase. The man said there were people who were affected by nurses who exhaled websites. He maintains the file. Drip file. NV appears on. He maintains the file. Ishani comes.

NV says I don’t want to waste extra time, you implicate I shouldn’t get after you, the person affected is ready, I used to talk to you, he needs you to function, Rishabh needs to do surgical procedures. He asked him to tell him when he was getting ready. He said I tried to understand your pain for 2 years, I tried to encourage you, you must have the willingness to relieve this pain.

He thought I got here to thank him. He said I made a mistake to return here. He said sure, trying to be in PL, you don’t try misplaced, you get the expertise to avoid wasting life, you don’t want to save anyone, ask someone who misplacing the expensive, it’s also a doctor. He will be unhappy.

He said the time passing did not come again, don’t be late, you make your time, there are newly affected people in a room no. 4. He gave him a file. He goes.

Bebe involves hospitals. Ishani dropped files and picks. He did not see a photo of Sid. Bebe said I acquired the case of Ka Halwa to congratulate Ishani. NV said he didn’t do it. He said it was profitable, we could have Halwa. He said correctly.

 The frontlines Friday 1st October 2021-Starlife Update He asked what you did, did you tell him, did you scold him, his situation, you at all times angry. He said I was good with him, I was also a human.

He said you at any time saying identical factors, you operate a giant hospital, the wound gives pain, I know you want to fix the wound, you might not need to be profitable. Ishani involves a sid ward. He waited until SID will get a chance.

Bebe asked NV to make an apology. He asked why I would make an apology so I didn’t do anything inappropriate. He asked him to go and make an apology.

Ishani goes to Sid. NV comes there with espresso. He thought about what happened to him suddenly. He said you were cursed, good, I also condemned, you need time, profitable. Ishani said I wanted time to sizzle espresso. He mocked him. He said I felt, it took time, who realized it was higher than me, didn’t want to tell me something, whatever you felt.

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He thought he said sorry without guessing sorry. He said you can maintain this affected person. He thanked him. Khamoshiyan … appear … he will wake up. Espresso falls into his coat. Philo said I used to be ordered about a new affected person.

NV said sure, Ishani would take care of it, I would leave. Ishani said I would clean this and be available, then I will be present. Philo will be surprised to see Sid. He said Dr. Sid …. NV has given the SID case to Ishani, if he sees Sid, then he will die.

Bebe appeared. He remembered asking for NV if he appreciated Ishani, he was fair enough, he was a doctor. NV said he was right, he said reality, he instructed me that he loved him some doctors in Sanjivani, he was ready for him in the mandap, he did not come for several reasons, he was clearly surprised that he said this to me, he was right. FB ends. Bebe asked Philo to drag the curtain quickly. Ishani comes.

He asked Bebe was all the things that were profitable. Bebe said for sure, I acquired Halwa for you. Ishani said I would check the affected person.

The frontlines Friday 1st October 2021-Starlife Update Philo said some tests were abandoned, I would name you, you left now. Ishani left. Philo said Sid and Ishani were here. Bebe said even Ratan was here, this is not right, don’t let Ishani meet Dr. Sid. Ishani said Philo and Bebe had behaved unusually. He went to the cafeteria. He saw someone and remembered Sid. He will get as much as being lost. NV comes. He slipped. He hugged him. B.

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