The Frontliners Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update

The Frontliners Wednesday 5th October 2021 Update
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The Frontliners Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update NV applies to Bindi to Ishani. Music …plays …. he said this happened at the time of marriage, why again. Bebe said yes, why it happened now. The woman said we just want you to make it wear mangalsutra. Bebe said yes, do it. Ishani thinks about Sid. He saw Sid.

The woman made her wear Chunri. Ishani saw Mangalsutra. He said I apologized and ran to his room. NV chased him. Bebe said there was nothing like that, he became shy, his BP would be low, Ratan went handling it, sitting down. He asked Bitto to get snacks. Ishani cries and remembers NV.

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He cried and threw his bracelet. He threw the goods. He fell on the bed. NV said controlling myself … He saw Mangalsutra. He hugged him. He thought I promised to always support you in every battle, I would always be with you in sadness, but today I can’t support you more, you have to face SID to heal wounds, I ask this, you need to do this yourself.

He goes. He thought of Ishani and drink sadly. Bebe asked him to make a small peg for him too. He rested on his lap. He asked him to be stubborn, why did he do this, he was the owner of Sanjivani and any doctor who could take care of Sid. He said I wasn’t stubborn, Ishani needs to do this, her tears will be the medicine. He said yes, you are right, he cries and his heart gets light.

He said someone had to see the wound to treat it, someone could not turn on his face, Sanjivani and Sid were two wounds for him, I made his face Sanjivani, he kept coming there, he had to face Sid, everything would be fine when Sid became good – Okay and answer it, maybe he’s fine.

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He asks if you think that SID can affect your relationship and Ishani. NV said I thought when he would smile, when he would sleep well, when he would come out of this anxiety and depression, when I would see it … Bebe gave him.

He said you were so kind and right, your thoughts were right, I was afraid that you would fill your life with a thorn while filling his life with flowers. He said this would not happen, believe me. He hugged him. He went to the room and said Ishani was awkward in my room.

The Frontliners Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update He checked home treatment for good sleep. He read and got interested. He keeps flowers under the pillow. Ishani rested to sleep. He took several pills. He saw NV sleep. He went out. She woke up. He went to Sid and cried. NV see.

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Ishani was worrying and freed her jammed dress. NV see. Ishani said when I wanted to approach, you left me, and today you returned to me, I hate you. He returned to the room and lied to sleep. He cries. NV looked at him. In the morning, the waiter got coffee for everyone. Ishani saw Sid.

NV thinks what I will do is wrong, but it is necessary for you, I promise. Rahil comes there. He saw Sid. He asks if you keep here, the police say they will appoint a new doctor for Sid, how you can save it here. Bebe asked him to drink coffee. NV says wait a minute, I call you here with an ambulance because I don’t want to take the same risk.

The Frontliners Tuesday 5th October 2021 Update He said then you won’t remove Sid from Sanjivani by coming with your wife’s words, you just throw my friend like soccer, sorry to say, you can buy Sanjivani, not the life of the patient. NV says I know the value of life and lose it, believe me, I have called you here because you will attend a doctor for Sid. Ishani sees.

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