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The Good Son Friday 1st October 2021-Zee World Update The episode began with Pankhudi told Purva that he had given soup for Vedant. Purva said I thought he would feel better drinking this.

Vedant said I could have normal food from tomorrow and fine. Purva says I will make special food for you, will make Sooji Halwa for you tomorrow. Vedant was surprised. Ramesh told Sanju that he told the police that he did not know where the poison came.

Sanju asked him to marry him with the Pankhudi soon. Ramesh said Vedant had returned and now Amma will transfer POA to his name. He said Pankhudi would not have anything now and said that he would marry a rich girl.

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Sanju said I loved him and we had finished his condition. Ramesh refused. Sanju asked if you loved me and made me marry him, otherwise, I would think that I was Lal for you again. Ramesh said Gudadi Lal was a dirty mud and you aroma Chandan. Sanju asked him to marry her with Pankhudi and prove this.

Pankhudi came to the room and saw it in request/partner. He asked who? The counterpart says I am your inner and asks if he likes to marry Sanju or that Vedant was saved and Rahul was arrested. Pankhudi said he didn’t know. His inner self says you are beautiful, Sanskari, but has less intelligence.


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Pankhudi said if I could then I could dance the world in the tone. The backward say that foreign girls come and try to seize Vedant from you and you marry Sanju. He asked him not to lose Vedant in the hands of a foreign girl.

Devi Parvati came to a woman and asked if she brought a message for her. He asked him to show his face to him. The woman laughed and said she wanted to be called Alakshmi. Parvati said Prabhu might come and ask him to leave. Alkshmi said he was waiting for him and asked why he did not accept me, when he had a wish of the Samudra Manthan. Parvati said because you were more toxic than that. Alkshmi said that her Bhakts would be destroyed. Parvati said my hand was in my devotion.

The Good Son Friday 1st October 2021-Zee World Update   Alkshmi said that he had a crime and showed Ramesh, Sanju, Sumitan, Gomti, and Pankhudi in his hand. Parvati Ji thought how Pankhudi became bad, he was a Purva sister and helped Vedant. At the dining table, Purva told Vedant that he made Sooji Halwa for Dadi and him. Ramesh said we had to bear their choice. Purva said I made Paratha for you and Sanju. Sumitan asks what about me? Purva said I made Moong Dal Pakoda for you. Gomti said he was on a diet now because he would go to Denmark. Purva said he made fat-free wheat for him. Gomti said yes.

Dadi blesses Purva. Ramesh said even Manjula did not make a delicious Pakoda. Manju smile. Pankhudi said you know about everyone’s preferences. Purva said I made your favorite food too. Pankhudi said we didn’t want to know how you knew about everyone and told Dadi that he wanted to tell him something as a family member.

He told Purva that the court allowed him to stay here until the mystery of the murder was resolved and asked him to leave Sanjeevani Sadan. Ramesh thought Pankhudi made my work east. Purva see Vedant.

Devi Parvati told Mahadev to burn Alkshmi and crime away from the road. Mahadev said where there was a defeat, the victory became good. He said someone could make a right and wrong decision. Purva tells everyone that he is Purva. Pankhudi said he died in front of everyone. He said we had seen the face of his bride’s corpse and the last ritual.

The Good Son Friday 1st October 2021-Zee World Update He said even if Devi Maa came here, then no one would believe that he was Purva. Devi Parvati came there. Alkshmi stopped him and said that Pankhudi said that he would not believe him even if Devi said that he was Purva. He said that Mahadev said that you could not use their strength here. Parvati said to maintain stability at EART


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